What is S. P. A. C. E.?

A WEEKLY eZine. Very short notes. Make space in your life for new takes on topics that inspire creativity and innovation. S. P. A. C. E. is made for you with great attentiveness every Tuesday.


Here’s why. Too much ‘news’ is pandering to the lowest common denominator. Too much ‘infotainment’ is beating people into fear and consumption and subjectivity. When you step up and away from it all for a while, it becomes obvious that this is sucking the life from our veins and killing the heart of our human ingenuity. Modern knowledge workers are numbed. Drugged. And terribly bored.

Would you like fewer junk reads and more of the kind that challenges your mind in new directions? Perhaps even directions of growth, learning, and motivation? In other words, would you like less of whatever is clickbait today and more discernment, more aesthetic attention, and, oh, I’ll just say it, a certain care in curation of short articles designed to inspire you to do what you do even better? (Ask us about N+1). You now have choices. Even if it’s true about what Huxley said, ie that the truth’s being buried in a sea of irrelevance—even if it’s true, well, there is still S. P. A. C. E., and you have found it. Does quality matter to you? Does realness? Engagement? Awakeness, energy, and fruit-bearing conversation?

ARE YOU, like us, more inspired by three hours of fascinating dialogue with someone you just met or haven’t seen in ages than, say, a television sitcom? If so, please step forward. Please tell us you exist. We want to know you. Read some of what we’re sharing so far here.


Who is it for?

FOUR-point checklist:

  • open
  • making
  • doing
  • sharing

Is this you? Please continue.

How will S. P. A. C. E. make my life better?

ELEANOR ROOSEVELT SAID IT: ‘You must do the thing you think you cannot do.’

People want challenges.

They want to be pushed to try new things. (We like to call it ‘N+1’ work.)

To make space for, say, art, or writing. Or to find better quality relationships. They want to be inspired to work better, not harder.

To quit being mediocre, because it’s not fun.

How can you find inspiration and challenge without having to go back to university (myth, but I’ll come back to that another day), or gain access to smart people who will give you time to think with them, or read every book on a topic that you care about? How can you do a little with not a lot of up-front commitment, to push yourself to think better, not harder.

Achievement-oriented people want challenges.

We’ve got challenges.

Twenty years’ conversations with people in Europe, Asia, both US Coasts. Some were friends. Some were clients who showed us how to become sharper with the kinds of questions we ask. Which led to more learning. More friends. More conversations. Now we are in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh, synthesizing all the learning of our lives, and processing the highlights in S. P. A. C. E.


How to get S. P. A. C. E.

OUR WEEKLY eZine S. P. A. C. E. gets emailed every Tuesday at 7AM USEST. Who gets it? An international group of people who want to think, jam, draw, write, play, innovate, design, and make.

S. P. A. C. E. is a weekly eZine. It’s built of 20 years of notetaking, observing, talking, trying things, and tinkering to discover the way to ‘N+1.’

We are: writers, designers, engineers, musicians, athletes, dreamers, and thinkers at Design Kompany. We are not very big. But that’s by design.

The important part is that we have space to discover, challenge, inspire, and connect with others also interested in high-quality work.

This happens. One week at a time.


Meet us in S. P. A. C. E.?