N + 1

‘Let’s make this better.’

Making space for uncertainty,
DK design experiences.
Remarkable ones.
For learning, co-discovery, exploration.
And play.

In a bounded box, handled with care.

Observation without judgment is the highest form of intelligence.
J. Krishnamurthi

OUT HERE, out of the box. That’s where we are now.

For a time, we invite you let go of stifling thinking.
(Stuff like: ‘But we’ve always done it like X.’)

Let’s try something different. Let’s think about it like this…
‘Forget it. For now. Beginner’s mind. Cool?
To start, let’s forego mores.’
‘Let’s discover “the edge,” wherever that is for you.’

Now, we’re ready. Whispering, now. This:
‘And then, let’s break the bounds.’

Out of the box isn’t just a cliche.
It’s vastly important.
Out there, out …here



DK call this work of arrival ‘N+1.’
After 12 years’ explorations with clients
in N. America, Europe and Asia,
we have learned something about how to do this well.

How to make space.
How to frame the bounded box.
How to engage with you and others, people from all approaches,
in ways that let us each see and be seen,
Hear and be heard.

A zen master once said, if we become too serious, we will lose our way.

‘Let’s play?’

To start, join us in S P A C E.
Here’s how. Open the box:

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