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9d18068e-f3b6-4bf8-9833-79abb6e437d4-1SERENDIPITY, PLAY AND ROOM for juxtaposed associations: chance is integral in a storymaker’s toolkit. DK, consulting in design thinking since 2011, recognizes the need for more room to experience the “a-ha” moment to arrive. It doesn’t just happen. Except, it does. Because the whole work of design is to get us out of our boxes, our ruts, and our business-as-usual associations.

Five years ago, we asked a Portland, Ore. client struggling to find a name to go for a walk at an odd time of day. He did, and by moonlight hit on “Million Monarchs.” More recently, we found a name and concept for a new cafe in Phnom Penh. Same trick.

Chance is important for the creative, but how can we design for it? How to create virtual and offline spaces for real life conversations across disciplines, and connect people who may have never met in real life? It’s exactly when we’re not consciously looking, that bam! The spark. The concept. The beginning of the rest, which is suddenly extremely simple. Taking the 2013 Modern Sikkim Gangtok series conducted with Echostream Design Consultancy as a learning test, DK is hosting 16N. Discover what that means when you subscribe >

imageIN THIS KICKOFF ISSUE, DK explores lessons from 20 years’ experience in brand concepting in: Cork, Seattle, Durham NC, and Phnom Penh. The invitation must be well-designed in order to create room for a high-quality conversation. (Without which, any design will suck.) Yet the art of etiquette, manners, and personal integrity of meaning what you say is fading (why, in modern communications this has eroded true connection, we can’t be sure, but it invades a sense of feeling truly invited. Bad news for the relationship, for sure.)

In these gathered stories, discover how to make space for opening invitation channels such that people feel at ease, and see examples of what’s worked best for DK to hold space for others to trust, share, and co-discover. In 20 years of conversations with more than 500 professionals seeking clarity in messaging, DK has amassed a hefty toolkit. For example, with Kismuth’s project, The Mirror, a small anthology of nine voices, or MAKE in Durham with 70 people gathered for our roundtable on creative process, magic happened. Fails, too. Yet consistently it’s become clear: even when people have only met once, there is a beauty in the very potentiality that open, honest conversation may invite. Access the stories from January and February when you subscribe >

What is S. P. A. C. E.?


An eZine that’s not created by a company trying to sell you a label, a product, an “identity,” or something else. An eZine that’s meant to be about sharing, really sharing, n:n, in what we can create with the virtual space in small scale conversations. And sometimes, as in the case of Math + Jazz in Phnom Penh on January 15, in real life, too.

‘More, please.’

THIS ISN’T A COPY OF designboom, or design sponge, or apartment therapy, or any of those blogs.

S. P. A. C. E. is a cross-disciplinary eZine.

Art. Architecture. Design. Philosophy. Music.

Crossing us and mixing it up. So we get new ideas, together. You can’t discover anything if you only talk to people who are just like you. But. That’s. What. We. Do.

Where to find people who are different? How to join a conversation that’s not got an alternate agenda? (Like sell you a Honda or make you believe you aren’t pretty so you’ll buy Loreal.)

Not this S. P. A. C. E.

It’s very small, membership based.

Let’s meet in S. P. A. C. E.?

Design Kompany is adapting the Open Space method to bring more space to more people in a virtual space. People who care about making, doing, sharing.

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