“Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” —JK, Dead Poet’s Society


Design Kompany is a boutique studio consulting on strong concepts for clients who are ready to ‘N+1.’

That is to say, DK is for people who see the value of thinking at the edges for new perspectives, and of getting out of the box.

DK has worked with more than 500 individuals and groups in N. America, Asia, and Europe since 1995.


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Our team is headed by A. Spaice.

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Orientation to S P A C E

S P A C E starts here.

Design Kompany connects people. People whose paths might not have crossed. People from a wide mix of backgrounds. We do this because we believe that the most extraordinary innovations that human beings make come when we least expect them, when we meet someone who says something that makes us think, ‘Wow.’

‘Wow,’ like !* kind of ‘wow.’

‘Wow,’ like, this changed me.

That sort of ‘wow.’ It’s nothing like we ever would have expected, but wham, it comes out of nowhere, and stays with us for a day, a month, or maybe even a lifetime. These kinds of moments strung together make a life. Was it Tennessee Williams who said, ‘Life is all memory, except for that moment that goes flashing by…’ what was the entire quote… Ah, but now I’ve forgotten it.

Spectacular moments can come into real life if you know how to design for them. Trust me. I have a checklist. A seven-point ‘quality of space’ note that I use whenever I host an event for S P A C E. My friends, even the nerdiest ones, kid me for my flash cards, but those who are also into this idea that ‘design is process,’ they get it. It’s fun. We have a lot of good jam sessions, thinking out loud as we learn, together, how to make more and better space.

WHAT KIND OF SPACE am I talking about? Space for ‘the good stuff.’ (Listen here >). Not dating. Not work retreats. I mean random chance encounters. I mean openness to exploration. I’m talking about the basic human instinct to be curious about others. I’m talking about intellectual play as well as trying things together by hand, like simply sitting together and making stuff.

In each of the spaces we design and host, we like to try to invite new and different perspectives. So that those who wouldn’t otherwise know one another can start to interconnect, and perhaps, with progression and more quality space, to relate, over time. This will lead to better art. Better design. Better moments of connection. Better relationships, better everything. SOCIETY, even. That’s our hunch.

Plus, really, it feels good. DK feels making space for real life events and online programs in this way can set our modern, ultra-instaculture anxieties at ease. When we are too isolated, then we don’t connect with others, and we lose the gift of feeling grounded. A sense of belonging. With others who are also naturally curious, open, and ready to try new things. (Not family. Not work. Something you can google, if you aren’t familiar with the concept, and are curious, is this: ‘the third place.’) That is the kind of space DK is aiming to create more of. Building on 20 years of conversations and trying things as a design studio and host of many styles of small gatherings of people, we are designing ‘rooms’ now for more and better space; for dialogues that have a center and not sides. Western education doesn’t know how to do this; we are in Asia to learn, and as we do, to make instances where by example we can share. Gratitude to those who have shown us many ways of ‘how’ pexpletive can talk, listen, and be together: respectfully, mutually aware. Amritsar, Gangtok, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and now Phnom Penh. Listening. Taking notes. Making the first outlines of ways to do this, publishing notes in our eZine, ‘4D S P A C E.’


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