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Our role is to design and invite you to take small steps out into the unknown. Beyond the edges. So if you had a box, like the one pictured above, our job is to bring you out here. Out of the box. Out of the comfort zone, away from the gravity that sucks you back which is also known as the status quo. Sounds crazy, to a lot of people, but crazy is where cool things are. The good stuff, for example.

EDGES. ‘Out there’—er, out here, ’cause look! Here we are, right? It’s not that bad, is it?—is out past where the edges are. Way beyond the edges, DK have learned, and I’ll share more about how in a minute, but yeah. Beyond the edges lies what’s cool. What’s cool is incredibly astonishing: you go out there, and you way out there, and you keep going, and you know what? You find new and different, extraordinary gems.

N+1. We call this work to keep edging out, or moving forwards, the Big Work, and we like to talk about it philosophically as something kind of mathy, ‘N+1.’ How did this thinking get placed into our Western-mindset upbringings? While exploring outside the boxes, of course. In 2013, DK ventured from a comfortable setup in the United States to ‘the quest for the unknown, uncertain, and different.’ That being the Year of Uncertainty project. Which landed us, somehow, step by step, here where I am writing from: Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Which, for us, is way, way out of the box. Except that now it’s not, after three years. Meaning… how can we keep evolving? Why, creating more and different dimensions, of course. In S P A C E. It’s all rather magical, and not unlike magic. If you believe in those kinds of things. Mindset is a big part of opportunity-finding. *philosophical pause*

S P A C E. Somewhere at the start of 2016, it became clear that if we weren’t sharing what was happening here behind the scenes, then the learnings that we were discovering wouldn’t be, couldn’t be, experienced by others. Someone called them ‘vitamins.’ So we decided to share, in weekly emails, which became a little more interactive towards the end of 2016 in something called THE FORUM, which was an online dialogue that A. Spaice hosted in protected pages on this blog. That is still there, and people who are joining us in S P A C E (see below) can access it, if they like. We are evolving, iterating, always N+1’ing. At least, that’s our hope. It’s humbling. It’s growth. It’s even radicant growth, if you google that you’ll see more. To the journeys! Here we go.


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