‘Deep thought, unusual connection’

Three tracks for now are available for public invitation:

  • Cojournal: A Nomadic Existence (open invitation)
  • The Mirror Section Z (by invitation)
  • SELF (open invitation)


‘Who is it for?’

THESE WORKSHOPS ARE MADE FOR PEOPLE ASKING QUESTIONS. Self and Mirror are direct and reflective. They will ask you pointed questions about yourself, and will invite you to get really honest with yourself. Not everyone wants to discover her own authentic self, we recognize that, which is why there is an application and a chance to see if it’s a fit. Generally, this checklist (below) is a good starting point. If you are questioning the goals and methods that you have or are using, then DK’s programmes are ideal. Use this opportunity to focus, find accountability, and get to writing. Here’s a chance to re-evaluate, and confirm, that your personal values are aligned with what you are doing and making at work.

  • If you are in a period of limbo,
  • if you are in transition,
  • If you have just come out of something or are about to head into a new phase, DK’s online programme could be a good course for you.
  • If you have been through some difficulty or a change,
  • Or something has pushed you to question your own goals, vision, mission and values, then this series is an excellent tool.

See current offerings at this post.

‘When, and how much?’

SCHEDULE. All programs are 8 or 12 weeks. Here’s how it works. A new prompt will be sent weekly. Each week’s is designed to be complete-able within 20 minutes. These are sequenced to help you discover with clarity the pop that makes you very much you, and only you. You will get a password to a forum on this website where you can read what others are saying and respond to them, and also share your own responses. This is where things can get very interesting, as we are spread out geographically all over the world.  Self, however, is not a forum-conversation. Rather, it is a 1:1 conversation between you and DK. Cojournal is a hybrid. For start dates, check out our calendar of upcoming ateliers.

FEES. Participation fees for all programs are USD $120-200. Scholarships are available for outstanding candidates. When you apply, be sure to indicate your interest for a full or partial scholarship. Special rates for members in S P A C E or participants of our 2018 S P A C E programmes, just ask.

What people are saying about DK’s programs

HERE ARE A FEW testimonials from guests of The Cojournal Project, SELF and THE MIRROR in 2014-2016.

  • “My writerly friends (those who do so publicly and privately), I’ve been participating in Dipika Kohli’s CoJournal project since just before the new year (2014). It’s a unique project and it’s pretty special. If you’ve been looking for some structure or accountability in your writing – and supportive community in very small groups, this could be for you. Dipika is a compassionate leader and offers some accessible assignments that are helping to shift my writing lens. I love it.”—MH, 2014
  • “I am writing because I wanted to thank you all for sharing ideas and memoirs, I am very much impressed and really enjoyed the workshop [SELF]. I’ve been working on my writing, and finished one short story which I feel so happy after I finished writing it (it’s in Thai.) I’m working on its English version pretty soon and will send to you all for the feedback. Bottom line is I’m happy to let you know that I’ve somehow overcome my fear of writing, though there’re times when I got stuck with the stories, get distracted, or feel like it’s not good enough – if it was before, I was just going to give up. Now, I feel it challenged me and I find writing more enjoyable. Most importantly, I feel like my writing is getting better too.” –JL, Guest at ‘SELF’, 2014
  • “I love the space you are creating and holding around the world for deep thought and unusual connection.” —KA, 2017
  • “Astonished…” –B, 2018
  • “Your touch is really delicate and modern. Quite lovely.” —PP, 2007
  • “Thanks so much for the feedback, Dipika.” —M2018
  • “Meeting so many kinds of people at different walks of life was inspiring, because people who show up, I call this ‘self-selection’, are the sorts of people who are looking to explore and get to know others interested in also exploring. Making oneself available to come to an event that seemed to hint at others also taking a chance on trying new things did something very important. It showed me that the barriers to me doing what I want to do creatively start right here, with myself. A skeptic inside fights the opportunities that arise. I joined a writers’ group, and then your workshop… It motivates me, makes me feel like I am part of something great,” —D, Guest at ‘SELF’, 2015
  • “Thank you for the opportunity.’ –F, 2018
  • “I was invited to participate in the last cohort (yes, I had to be *invited*, it wasn’t a given that I’d be privy to it,) and wow, did I enjoy the conversations. So much learning and fresh insights from strangers, old and new friends. If you think you can use some ‘seeing anew’—gaining new perspectives, noticing new sights, becoming aware your blind spots, this might be just what you need.” —AM, 2018
  • “Warmly recommend it.”–SG,2014
  • “[This] motivated me more to do what I wanna really do and kick some a**… Thank you, Dipika! —JH, 2016

‘How do I apply?’

Simply fill out this form: