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A minimalist approach

6 August @ 8:00 am - 26 October @ 5:00 pm


‘What you think you become.’

‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’
—Max Planck

‘Less is more.
—Design adage

‘Focus on a small number of things; do them really well; and leave yourself margin in your schedule for recharging and curiosity. It’s possible to be both happy and impressive, if you know what you’re doing… A simple, carefully curated, minimalist digital life is not a rejection of technology or a reactionary act of skepticism; it is, by contrast, an embrace of the immense value these new tools can offer… if we’re willing to do the hard work of figuring out how to best leverage them on behalf of the things we truly care about.’
—Cal Newport

IN THE EARLY PART of 2018, DK and others writing together conversed quite often about the overwhelm they were feeling. The sense that there is always another ‘thing to go and check,’ another task to add to the ‘to-do’ list, another person who needs your attention and wants you to stop what you are doing, right now, and give it. That is hard to work with. Especially if we value focus, thinking clearly, and being able to create things that add to our lives in new ways. But how do we embrace the kind of minimalism that helps people make more time and space for the things in their lives that truly matter? How can we allocate that precious attention and direct it towards the areas that make us feel full, instead of depleted?

Burnout and overwhelm are the things we want to tackle head-on, here, by making sure that we are able to clarify for ourselves exactly what it is that adds to us, that gives us joy, and that brings meaning to our work. It’s about looking deeply at what works, and what doesn’t, but also, about taking stock of where you’ve been so far, and chart where you’d like to next be going. More and more people are talking with DK about their feelings about leaving social media (‘it doesn’t really do anything for me,’ ‘I find myself getting hugely addicted, and I don’t like that’). Let’s make space to talk together about what we can do to free ourselves from these unnecessary burdens. We’re not saying you should get rid of everything online and go live off the grid in Siberia or Lapland. We’re just saying why not take a good look at the activities you are engaging in, and one by one discover which ones are the most important. Add ‘minimalism’ to your list of ‘to-do’s and sign up for this short course, if finding out how to clear the clutter and make more space–space for you–sounds good. Application required. 12 weeks. USD $220. Max 4.

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6 August @ 8:00 am
26 October @ 5:00 pm
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