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Atelier S P A C E || Singapore

10 November @ 7:00 pm - 12 November @ 9:00 pm SGT

SGD160 - SGD180

PHYSICIST and Nobel Prizewinner Richard Feynman said, ‘I think it’s much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of certainty about different things, but I’m not absolutely sure of anything and there are many things I don’t know anything about, such as whether it means anything to ask why we’re here.’

Design Kompany is hosting Atelier S P A C E to make a space for you to explore the pactice of ‘not knowing.’ It’s a unique conversation-cum-experiential learning workshop built from the organizers’ 20 years’ combined experience in design, writing, editing, and digital publishing.

‘We feel that in today’s hyperconnected world, people are having a hard time really listening to one another,’ says DK’s A. Spaice.

‘Eye contact gets lost. But eye contact and noticing one another, and hearing real laughter, and observing without the need to talk too much the beauty in the silent spaces between us, is important. This is where so much richness in communication is transferred. It’s a big part of our ‘why,’ this quest to making a particular quality of interactive space.’

A space for you to practice ‘not-knowing’

JOIN DESIGN KOMPANY for the popup zinemaking workshop, Atelier S P A C E in Singapore. We’ll be meeting at the National Gallery to start the conversations in this three-day, hands-on experiential program. Meetpoint: a location within the National Gallery to be shared with registered guests *only*. The 3-day event starts at 7PM on Friday. (See schedule below). Atelier S P A C E will convene a unique small group of you (no more than 8), who are ready to try something different, and get to know one in a surprising way, too. Called by guests of past events ‘refreshingly honest,’ and ‘a breath of fresh air,’ the ateliers open a particular quality of space for people to let go and relax, for a time. This edition of Atelier S P A C E pops up in coincidence with the Singapore Writers Festival, and is inspired by that festival’s 2015 workshop, ‘Art of Not Knowing.’

Making a time-bound space for true exploration, serendipity, real collaboration, an egoless approach to creating something, and the chance encounter make Atelier S P A C E what it is. It’s playful. Light, and fun. DK’s been creating salons, workshops, roundtables and more since 2006.

See DK’s picture gallery at http://designkompany.com/s-p-a-c-e.


Day 1 Friday
7PM. Opening reception. Meet at the meetpoint within the National Gallery. Light icebreakers. Conversation salon. Exploration of a theme. (2.5 hours)

Day 2. Saturday
11AM. Activity I: Emerging stories. Independent work for the afternoon In your choice of: writing, illustration, photography, collage. Small group breakouts. (2 hours)
7PM. Activity II: Refining. Development, discussion, and downloading on the day’s work. Concepting. (1.5 hours)

Day 3. Sunday
11AM. Activity III: Finalizing the pieces to appear in the zine. Handing in the final works to DK’s A. Spaice. (1 hour)
7PM. Mini-launch of the zine, S P A C E || Singapore zine. A celebratory party, you’ll get your copy here. (1.5 hours)

Register for full syllabus, access to pre-event forum ‘The Artist’s License,’ and a complimentary handbook, which shares outcomes from programmes in Chiang Mai, Gangtok, Malmoe, London, Copenhagen, Phnom Penh and Palo Alto, CA.

Very limited seats. Advance bookings only. 7-day refund policy.

Tickets from SGD 160.

Book here.


10 November @ 7:00 pm
12 November @ 9:00 pm
SGD160 - SGD180
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National Gallery Singapore


Design Kompany

What’s an ‘atelier?’

Design Kompany is hosting popup zinemaking ateliers. Before fancy academic schools for art and design came along, there were ateliers. An atelier is ‘a workshop or studio used by an artist or designer.’ These are places where you can meet new and different *others* to connection remarkable ways.

ATELIERS, APPRENTICESHIPS & ARTMAKING. Encouraging hands-on learning by doing, the hosts attended to the inner strengths of each participant. Apprentices came. Artworks were made and sold. We imagine artmaking was less commodity-focused (watch the film Posthumous, for a great comment on this) and more about the experience. And for those seeking training, it wasn’t about, one might guess, the expensive tuition fees that come with ho-hum professors (jaded people who’ve forgotten the meaning of their occupation—here I recommend Art School Confidential). Perhaps it was about the magic, if I let myself be uncool and optimistic, of Art. What it can do. How it connects us, across time, and distance. Let’s *make* something. Let’s play?

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