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Real life

1 March @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Getting past the anxiety of showing up for real life

DISCOVER THE JOY of real life conversation, the kind that starts in a way that we used to do it in the year, say, 1991. Here, let me take you back to that time. I’m picturing a nice tree with perfume scents, summertime. Southeastern United States, let’s say.

Maybe you had a guitar. Or a t-shirt, that someone thought was cool. You walked around with the things that you did not because someone was going to take a picture of you and you wanted to make sure that whomever saw that picture on the other side of the internet would get jealous about it because, oh, look at you, so cute!, but because you just had those clothes on top of the first drawer that you opened.

Maybe they were plaid or corduroy.

Maybe they were XXL t-shirts.

NIRVANA. There were some things about Nirvana that people were saying around you, at school or between classes at the college or something, but you just went on with your day as if it was totaly normal and everything. When Kurt Cobain died, everyone you had never seen in the last four years banded together and you did this lighter lighty-uppy thing on the parking lot in front of the dorm.

This was college.

Let me reiterate: this was a timezone when you didn’t have to worry about who was going to see you outside or snap a pic of you or worse snapchat something and then say that they didn’t. You just went to the thing in the parking lot with the throng of other people who were like, can you believe that happened?, and talked about nothing in particular for hours and hours and wound up in someone else’s car who was a friend of a firend of a friend from the other college, down the way, and they were driving too fast and there was someone passing around some kind of can of whipped cream.

These things were the way they were and somehow you wound up at IHOP because that was what happened in those days. There were no cute instagram-tailored shops that add food coloring to your avocado smashup (or whatever they call it in Australia in the ‘arvo.’ This seriously happened to me and I asked if they could take it back becasue I have a food allergy to food coloring. Which is not true but do I want to eat food coloring or do I want to eat food?)

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1 March
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


*Secret location*


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