Atelier S P A C E is a conversation space-making project.

The outcome is a set of zines. See the issues previously published in our online store.

Each set is themed based on emergent conversations with new people in new places, whose paths might not have otherwise have crossed.

By designing a unique moment for people to participate in a chance to share new input and fresh perspectives with one another, in real life, in a hosted salon, we are carving opportunities to make meaning, together.

Above illustration: Dipika Kohli / Seattle & Phnom Penh, 2009-2014.  

Zines (and why we love zines)

WHAT IS A ZINE? A zine is an inexpensively produced, often photocopied, limited edition run of self-published works that are usually distributed by hand. People make zines to express themselves (for example a love of a certain band), or to dive deep into other very particular niche areas of interest. It’s a wacky, worldwide culture

WHY ZINES? We use the zine form because it simplifies an otherwise overwhelming process. Publishing starts with ideation, and theme development, then design and of course production. That can be a lot. To make it bite-sized, we’re using the zines, which are easy to assemble on-the-spot.

SO FAR. Since Sept. 2017, we’ve hosted these zinemaking popups in: Battambang and Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Penang and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Bangkok in Thailand, and at the time of this writing we are in-progress with photozines in Helsinki and Kärsämäki in Finland.For Atelier S P A C E, DK are making zines in short runs to distribute to: the people who make them with us, their friends, and our own slowly growing, international network.

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