Atelier S P A C E

DK and friends are publishing a weekly digital magazine, S P A C E. It’s about new and experimental poetry, metaphilosophy, photography and graphic art. It’s designed for highly creative, process-oriented people.


A PHILOSOPHY OF THE MOMENT. This is what we made together from December 2018-February 2019. It’s our winter collection, ‘A Philosophy of the Moment.’

Be a part of the things ahead. Join S P A C E for USD 7/week.  Next we are making the zine collection, THE BOOK OF NEW THINGS. Discover the story when you join: we’ll send you the finished digital zines every Tuesday at 7AM USEST.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the unfolding, multilayered conversation.

S P A C E began in 2014, in intimate inner circles, and is currently inviting new members to get to know us—with progressively greater trust and connexion. Over. Time. It’s not for everyone, but S P A C E quests… S P A C E.

Here’s how.

Introducing Atelier S P A C E

WHO: DESIGN KOMPANY’s international collaborating teams host popup zinemaking ateliers.

WHAT: A ZINEMAKING POPUP ATELIER. DK are connecting people and place, both locally and internationally. This is done through real-life salons, but also, we are interweaving some of the conversations with our online forum-spaces, where the wider international community can participate, too, and from there, we can build depth, and progress towards more complexity in our ideas. Discovering and learning. Gathering and connecting. Interweaving people and place.

WHERE: Mostly cities of Southeast Asia and Northern Europe. Here is where you can view our upcomings.

WHEN: 1 Sept 2017-1 Sept 2019.

HOW. CONVERSATION SALONS that we have been hosting since the early 2000s in our first home base in Seattle, WA USA, have inspired the new direction for Design Kompany LLC since fall 2017. DK have gathered the toolkit we adapted from our past work as brand identity designers (mostly for architects, software developers, and other process-oriented people), and built short workshops and real life as well as online salon-spaces for people to connect, and interconnect, with those whose paths they might not have otherwise have crossed.

WHY. More than just pieces of paper or ‘an event’, the zines and the ateliers made in Atelier S P A C E are records of conversations that were intimate, connective, and deeply moving, at many of the times that we have enjoyed them, so far. The idea is that we have a way of doing this that relaxes and invites the new and different; the curation of the guestlist, for example, brings together many backgrounds, perspective, and approaches to the way we do things, think about things, and live our lives. It is the very differences that we want to enjoy and highlight, rather than faction yet another group of things to do for bored, ‘like-minded’ people. Not for us, that kind of thing. We went to South and Southeast Asia in 2014 in search of the practice of ‘the new, uncertain and different,’ finding our way to Phnom Penh somehow and staying for four years. All of the learning, all of the growth, and all of the real-life encountering that have happened on the road as well as in the cities where we are invited to host and co-host S P A C E salons and ateliers are poured into those instances where we can meet, connect, and engage very quickly and very intimately in a salon that takes ideation, dialogue, and conversation into the space of DIY publishing, through the 8-page finished zine. Some pictures of our recent zines created in this way are at our instagram.

Zines (and why we love zines)

WHAT IS A ZINE? A zine is an inexpensively produced, often photocopied, limited edition run of self-published works that are usually distributed by hand. People make zines to express themselves (for example a love of a certain band), or to dive deep into other very particular niche areas of interest. It’s a wacky, worldwide culture. Sometimes, artists and authors of zines take their pieces to exhibit in ‘zine fairs’ in cities like Berlin and San Francisco. See more about zines at our homepage

WHY ZINES? We use the zine form because it simplifies an otherwise overwhelming process. Publishing starts with ideation, and theme development, then design and of course production. That can be a lot. To make it bite-sized, we’re using the zines, which are easy to assemble on-the-spot.

SO FAR. Since Sept. 2017, we’ve hosted these zinemaking popups in: Battambang and Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Penang and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Bangkok in Thailand, and at the time of this writing we are in-progress with photozines in Helsinki and Kärsämäki in Finland.For Atelier S P A C E, DK are making zines in short runs to distribute to: the people who make them with us, their friends, and our own international network.

Last seen in northern Finland, Summer 2018.

How to be a part of it. Join us in S P A C E, purchase one of our zines, or make a one-time donation.