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HOW DO YOU GET an invitation to ’16N’?

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It’s not impossible: You can request one.

Want to come to ‘N’ in your city? Meet 15 others you don’t know who are also curious, and keen?


Request an invite through the form below at the very bottom of this page… Ask us any questions, too.

WHO COMES TO ‘N’? Maybe I’ve met you, and told you about it. You did some thinking, you looked me up, and here you are.

Or perhaps we connected online.

Or you found us here, another way.

Curious about ‘N’? Request an invitation.

That’s Step 1.

Get an invitation.

Here is how.

‘N’ is coming to LONDON and COPENHAGEN.

Say hello and tell us what city you are in.

Tell us you’re curious about ‘N’.

Tell us why.

Use this form:

A. Spaice will get back to you with more.