Frictionless, boundless at the edges of frontiers

SURE FEELS WEIRD TO BE BLOGGING AGAIN. I swore when the laptop got stolen there would be an end to it. The blogging, I mean. The whole idea that you throw things into the aetherspace (which feels like wilderness, but is even more ambiguous and vaporous and vacuous and all of those things that beg the mind to go into the zone marked, unremarkably, “uncertain”)… Yes. I was trying to quit. Is blogging like drugs?

Normal Distribution Curve
What ‘normal’ looks like, to some.

These things happen, somehow, and DK is now based in Cambodia. Asia. Big time. Laos, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Thailand, and now, here.

WHO KNEW THAT THE TRAVELS that got you started would be the very ones that made you who you are. (Well, a lot of people who are way smarter than me and who have more experience in the ways of the world and in the trusting of the journey, too.) Theoretically, I got it. You have to go and do the thing you think you cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt said that, right? And there were more fast quotes taped to the walls of the apartments that I’ve lived in for ten, maybe twelve years. Dorms, before that. Shared houses.

A lot of moving, a lot of movement. Sometimes you have to go through the blurry to see that hey, waitaminute, I like this life. I like the motion. It feels good. It fits. Way out past the three standard deviations, things feel loose, and good. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. That’s the stuff. Cool stuff happens, at the edges. Frictionless, boundless, there is so, so much more to explore. —DK