Hello London: ‘N’ is coming your way

LOOKING PRESENTLY FOR THE RIGHT SET OF EXACTLY 16 people to invite, personally, to ‘N’ London. This would be part of an international series, ’16N’.

Colleagues in London are also helping make this happen, and we’ll together share more in the coming weeks.

‘N’ London, whose theme is very nearly fixed (sitting on it, running it by people, seeing how it feels to say and hold), is making confident, happy, coming-to-England plans.

Are you curious about what it is? No details will be posted here, but if you are open to something different and very new, I am open to receiving a note from you. Contact DK >

Meantime, making tickets. And a guestlist. Very jazzed.

Tickets are getting made. Invite-only. Just 16.
Tickets are getting made. Invite-only. Just 16.