An open letter to ‘N’ invitees

Kings Cross Saint Pancras // Photo by A. Spaice 2015
King’s Cross Saint Pancras // Photo by A. Spaice 2015

HELLO AND WELCOME. IT SURE MUST BE WEIRD, from your perspective, getting an invite to something as obscure as ‘N’.

First things first: Perhaps you’re not into it. And that’s okay. Thanks for coming this far, to see what it’s about.

But maybe you are wondering… what is this?

Yes? Please read on.

AS YOU ALREADY MAY HAVE NOTED, I AM SENDING ‘N’ invitations to people who seem, from what I can read online, to be interested in ‘interestingness.’ What does that mean?

Interestingness is the quality of being more inclined towards the not-so-obvious.

Interestingness is about curiosity, openness, and readiness to accept multiple viewpoints (as opposed to just one’s own).

It happens in places where we are allowed to experiment with ideas, to play, soft and light, towards the things that happen in the breakthrough moments, when they happen.


But interestingness—or the quality of becoming ‘interesting’—involves a little bit of risk.

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MOVING TO ASIA from Seattle started all this. The ‘N’ thing. And the ‘N+1.’ People who are interesting are: looking at things critically, considering new angles, open, enjoy new input, aren’t overly pinned to their own ways of thinking and being, care about real life conversation, want to connect intellectually with others who want to do the same, look for new opportunities to try new things, are always challenging themselves, are ready, are listening, might just be in the right place at the right time. For ‘N’.

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WILL I SEE YOU AT ‘N’? This is just once. This is just to discover 16N. Are you wondering, ‘Who else will join? What will happen? Will I get something from this? Will I learn?’

I found you because I am coming to your city. And I want to meet you. And if we are really, really honest, it probably won’t happen unless we design time and book space.

You can leave the hosting part to me.

All you have to do is say, ‘Yes.’ —AS