Gearing up for ‘N’ Bangkok: our theme is NOW



‘N’ is a conversation installation that gathers just 16 people. Just once.

16 people x 16 cities.
16 people x 16 cities.

It’s about the moment.

Right here. Right NOW.

IN THESE LAST FEW MONTHS as I have been talking in the back channels with more people than I realized I would when I dreamed up this project, I have been doing a lot of learning. About people. Being someone who has largely worked alone (writing, design work, the occasional art show), I find it really humbling. I have learned very quickly how to deal with the things that I heard happen. Passive-aggressives. Trolls. Those who are comfortable slamming you from the other side of a screen, but would never say those things to you, in real life. Never.

I get it. People don’t want to be pushed out of their boxes. Boxes are comfortable. (But they are stifling).

AT THE TIME of this writing, we have only six five spots left. Which is lovely and incredulous and beautiful and makes me want to say, ‘Thank you,’ profusely, to the 10 who have so far put their trust in me to design an ‘N’ that’s great. (I hope a few from ‘N’ Phnom Penh will share a couple of lines, telling Bangkok what to expect, so I can post here? Have been musing on a way to link the ‘N’ conversations, but not without losing the ‘onceness’ idea. Hard.)

Anyone working in creativity or something in the world of making and doing in this age already sees the value of this kind of opportunity. You know that new ideas don’t just fall onto your head like an apple. You have to go outside (metal landscapes, physical ones). And you have to talk to people. That’s what one of my editors used to say. ‘Get out of the office. Talk to people.’ They loved that ‘Man on the Street’ interview style and it was fun to do, too. I wanted to do more of those but you know, it’s so much easier to not.

What to expect now…

THIS WEEK as I do some research to learn about what people in Bangkok think about NOW, I’m getting to meet some extraordinary people. I’ll be able to tell you about some of them, soon, in a blog post series that I hope will bring new voices into ‘N’, the project, and document along the way some of the learning that’s going on. This could start with the people behind a giant boxing match that just happened on Saturday; can’t think of anything more immediate about the physicality of NOW than a fight.

But before that, a short Q&A with a Bangkok magazine editor, and what he thinks about the ‘Thainess of Thailand,’ as well as our theme. Here. Soon.  –DK