A letter to JB in London

Photo by DK 2015SOMETHING I FORGOT to ask you.

Photo by DK 2015
Photo by DK 2015

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Dear J.,

Hello there!

Um. What is your email address?

This is what happened. I got your message. Thank you for reading all those pages, and for writing to me about ‘N’.

Everything was great except—I noticed I couldn’t just hit ‘reply.’

Somehow, when I created that form, the field for ‘Email address?’ got lost (maybe forgot, ’cause I’d thought it was cool to put ‘Your city?’ since you know, ‘N’ is moving around and stuff. Except it’s really not moving around that much. It’s moving a little.) Surely it would have been FAR more important for me to ask you for your email address instead.

So yeah. Would you mind resending? The form now has that field. I fixed it. And yes!, I am listening, I noted your note, and I would love to respond by email, can you email through that form once again?

Thank you!!!

I hope you see this!

Much appreciated. 🙂

PS Last time I wrote an open letter like this, it was to my father—who had a birthday; we are sort of estranged, so it felt odd writing into the aether the way I’m doing here. But somehow, the endpoints connected up. Maybe it’s normal to be looking for connections; we are, after all, human. The more I think and talk to people about ‘N’, the more I realize that it’s a project designed specifically to help us connect in real life, human to human, because we are fragile and beautiful in our vulnerability… Something like this, I think, I think. To be continued.

Published in S. P. A. C. E.

Get new confessions every week in DK’s eZine S. P. A. C .E.