New for July and August: KAIROS

THE WORD IS GOOD. The word that has to do with moment-noticing. All of the ‘N’ stuff was about that, really. The noticing of the moment, the celebrating the urgency of NOW. After writing constantly about HUMANITY for the last eight weeks, and going into places I’ve never, ever imagined going (and wigging out quite a bit, at times), I am loosening the strangleholds on this editorial calendar and letting loose for a play with the moment and the beauty therein.

Kairos for the little children who give their mothers the kind of gazes that makes the mothers write long, beautiful posts on social media and teach us words like ‘kairos.’

Kairos! For the Greeks that Henry Miller lauds for their innocent mastery of all things aesthetically angled in his book, Colossus of Maroussi.

This is the story that’s coming together next, in the July/August sequence of our eZine, S. P. A. C. E. Kairos because it’s time.

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