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12 October 2016


Also there are comments here.

For the Friday thing I have no idea who’s going to be there, but it’s pretty low-key so far. We still haven’t chosen a venue, but I can inform you if you like.

Hey hey, Dana. This is exciting, now. I’m excited to reconnect in this way and somehow keep the ‘N’ magic going. I know it was a wacky idea back in that April and it was great that we could all make it happen, together. More and more I’ve been learning a lot about how this works best, how it doesn’t work well, when I’m on the good surf and when it’s kind of an undertown. It’s all been fun, in some weird way, even when I see that things are much slower than I’d hoped.

Akira says I have this thing where I want everything to happen *now*. I do, though. I had this idea to do a literary magazine (just once-off, just to test), but when I started talking about it people kinda got interested and then backed away *too much work* *too much commitment*. I’m not sure how to play with others in these spaces well, not really any good at it, but I *want* to try. I want to really collaborate…

I’m curious to know more about your book club… if there are writerly types in there maybe we could talk sometime. Hm. Anyway, it’s all starting to be whatever it is, chaotically. I just fixed a date, by the way, for ‘N’ in London, with the same system you remember perhaps from when we did this together here. šŸ™‚

Moving the conversations into S P A C E, where there are things blooming for 2017. Hope you will join me there, just ask me for details and I can share.

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