‘N’ London: A year in the making

‘N’ London: A year in the making

OKAY. The ’16N’ uplate.

We are doing this. ‘N’ is happening in London *very soon*.

It’s taken more than a year to set this up.

A conversation salon. For just 16 people. Our theme for London is NOTEWORTHINESS. What’s remarkable? Why do we think so?

We did ‘N’ in Bangkok in October  2015 (‘What is NOW?’) and in Phnom Penh the April before that (‘NORMALITY: ‘What’s normal? Who gets to decide?’) The 32 amazing people who joined those are now selecting color boxes, see them on this site?, so we can continue our correspondence. What would’ve been the point of ‘N’, I realize, were we not continuing to stay awake to one another, relationally in the know? It doesn’t have to be a giant commitment. It’s a color. That’s it. I used to think ‘N’ was about onceness. ‘That’s it! The End!’ But that’s just part of it. It’s about, sure, the urgency of now, but it’s also about the who that says yes and the fantastic assembly that comes together when we meet. Magic moment? Something like that.

Little esoteric titles open the doors to these, but when we all gather it’s really just a super fun party of people who would say yes to this kind of a thing.


Such a great filter.

NEW STARTS. I’m cleaning my new flat of its clutter. Putting all the right papers in their containers, sensing the story that is the ultimate centroid of my life work: making space for connections between people who don’t know one another; discovery through serendipity and chance; growth through these kinds of experiences that, while ultimately extremely basic (who are you? let’s talk?), are so very hard to find in our fragmented world of illusions, spectacles, and yes, if I sound jaded, I am.

I just sent everyone I’ve ever been in touch with about ‘N’ in London a note, to check in, to see if they might like to nab the last few spots. Before I hit the internet again on Monday, to keep querying. More than 485 invitations for ‘N’ events in four cities so far, yeesh. But last week I found renewed enthusiasm for this when I got off a skype with #28327a, who was the first to join ‘N,’ like a year ago. It was his idea to reframe ‘N’ as a challenge, and he said it: ‘Don’t wait for better options! Be a bold human being and pick a date and show up!’ And we were off, then, taking all of this much more seriously. Lamenting, together, the decline in opportunities to engage, connect, share, and discover. New and different others. new ways of thinking, new people. Curiosity! Oi. If art is all there is that can save us, isn’t curiosity its prerequisite? Is there hope for art, for newness, for intrigue, the universal quest to ask, ‘What is this, and let me just see now…’? I’m looking for the right people, so it’s taken some time, and I still have a month, so here we go.

Want to come to ‘N’, or know someone who’d be keen? This is where it starts. Kandinsky said, ‘Everything begins with a dot.’ Yes, yes, yes. Excited now. So close. Comments? Questions? Ask me anything, in the box below. –AS

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