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30 November 2016


So good to talk to you, Mark. I’ve been ruminating a lot on our talk and there is more to share about the everthing… I am so surprised we touched on all those topics, many of them are things I think about a lot (or did, especially at the top of this year). The kid thing is such a personal question, don’t feel like I”m trying to sway you in any direction. Obviously it is the kind of thing thaty ou have to try it to know what it is, I”m reading Unbearable Lightness of Being again, the first time was 20 years ago or so and I had no effing idea what he was talking about but it’s so different from this angle, anyway, it talks so much about how you have this one life and you can’t try out all the different options as you live it… so the whole optins and millenials thing is just sily really but there it is, the reality of it. And yeah, you know? I would imagine not having children means you get so much more time to work on things, and futher things, but then again you get really efficient with the time you do have when you only have 2 hours a day o fit, and you’re tired, and all that, but also… hm… you also care mroe about everything… so there are a lot of things… It’s ben quite the journey, this parenting one…. WHY I am talking about it so much is beyond me… but it seems important at this point to you, thinking about it, and all… I don’t know. I do relate, though, to that wavering question. I have girlfriends who have ‘made it’ int he arts but ask me, when i meet them, what it’s like being a mother… such a strange feeling, because the culture tends to look down on moms who do nothing but parent (which is the most important job, of course, for society, but so neglected)… And those who are trying their best are (OMG I’m doing a mommyblog rant) but yeah, they get compared to each other and compare themselves and women don’t work together on this, they COMPETE, just like EVERYWHERE ELSE. It’s so silly and machismo and everything is all over the place. Anyway, I hsould go now. I’m supposed to get some important task done that I’ve ben puttin goff for three days.

Hey Dipika!

Thanks for the message – it’s good to get an update. Wow, you’re busy with so much! I can identify – I’m still beavering away at the first draft of my second novel, which is now sitting at almost 200,000 words… and still not done. At times it’s terrifying. And I’ve been acting in a short film that I wrote and a friend of mine is directing. And working on a comedy sitcom concept and pilot script. And looking into a business idea with my brother. So too much of a lot! But life is good…

I totally understand that getting N London of the ground is no easy task. It’s a bold and ambitious undertaking and as I said to you before, London eats the time of its residents and commitments and logistics will be trying. Don’t stress too much about it. If it’s too much of a hassle to arrange then just drop it – you’ve proved it works elsewhere! That said, I’m looking forward to chatting on Friday and seeing if there is any helpful insight I can give you. The colour I selected is correct – thanks for that – a cool idea!

Sorry I can’t type a longer message right now – I’m under the gun with the big clock on it. And I have to go to the Dutch Embassy later to take the latest time-sucking step in a bureaucratic black hole that I have to navigate…

Till Friday!

I wonder what happened with the Dutch embassy, too. I am curious to see if you will move there one day. Interesting. I’m just writing here for now as a way of keeping the thread going, as email can become harder and harder with wear. I don’t even know how it gets this way or why. Maybe there’s too much of it? Harder to focus, when so many things are constantly coming forward through all the channels we have now. May need to detox a bit today. Heading offline… Seeing where the day takes me. 🙂

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