N + 1

‘WHY’ is the first question.

‘Why are you making S P A C E?’

‘Why are you doing Design Kompany?’ ‘Didn’t you guys used to do branding?’

‘What is N? What is the point?’


I have thought about them, and how to deal with them.

I have not done well with this.

Why? What is the point of anything? Why even exist at all?

But after contemplating, long and hard, I am learning that it is okay to just not think about it too much, because that is staying in the box. That is not going to the edge, looking out. Inquiry-based design. Thinking about what’s possible, not what always was. The death of mankind will be (any number of millions of things seen and unforseen, one of which is) clinging to the status quo. If we cling, we will never be open to the possibilities of one another’s ideas, thoughts, perspectives, feelings. I am reading. Systems thinking books. Applications of stuff. I was an engineering major, but my work has been in architecture and journalism and here, at DK, in thinking up stuff for people. Seriously.

The thinking up stuff part got interesting when the people who commissioned us were open to the process. I used to think this was just regular, that everyone likes to fly off the edges of their boxes, and that we will do the jam together. But only a few people, a select kind of people, really like to do that. Are interested in it. Thankfully, a few of those people found DK over the years, and they became friends, collaborators, patrons, and clients. They became people in our circle, the people with whom we share ideas, network, talk, and think up more stuff. Together.

I made S P A C E in order to keep in touch with people, at first. To just share a little bit in a mailing. This grew into a sharing that involved interviews with creative people around the world. People who were exploring the process, and doing intriguing things. Beyond just everyday commerce, I mean, sure, sometimes that’s part of it, selling things. But selling things is not the POINT. It is not the objective. Creativity and exploring it fully, meaningfully, at the edges of N boundaries into the unknown, unchartered territories of ‘N + 1,’ that. That is the thing we are talking about, each week, in S P A C E. It’s now a weekly eZine. It’s fun. Writing, sharing. Conversation making. The jam is still happening, and it happens with you. If you are here, reading, if this is resonating, maybe you would like this sort of journey with us.

IT IS SMALL, this community. I mean, it is. Not many people come to this website. You know, I used to think it was all about SEO and sharebars and whatever. But now, I just want a few people here. To talk. About innovation, spacemaking, creativity, processes, the ignitions towards opening new directions and empathy and paying attention to others. And caring. And learning. And growing, together. That’s another part of it. That’s another thing, about N + 1.

I love writing here, in the protected pages on this blog. And posting links to things. And seeing how some of us respond, from time to time, in the comments there. Sometimes the guests of S P A C E meet in person, too. In real life. When there are events around, then I love to include them. All members of S P A C E are always welcome to any of our events, as my personal guest. It’s a way to share, and continue to meet in person, and a way for me to keep in touch in that dimension transcending 3D into the hard-to-find-room-for one that we are so longing for, some of us. Time.

S P A C E and N + 1 are concepts, sure they are. But we are making boxes of time. And spaces for real-life connection. We are showing up. We are gathering people. We are discovering how we might all learn and grow, together, in the way that is flat hierarchy. Circle-y. No one is pushing any kind of agenda, and we are respectful and mindful of other people’s point(s) of view(s).

GETTING INVOLVED. Many ways. You can join events in real life or programs that are online. You can subscribe to S P A C E. You can meet us in THE FORUM. There are so many styles of doing the N + 1 kind of jam. The question is, are you ready? Not for everyone, of course. Then again, that’s kind of how I like it. Small, cozy. Making meaning, and at times, when there is poetry and a shared connexion moment, sometimes, making art.

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