Starting all over

A NEW THING started today.

We are opening a new circle of conversation participants in virtual dialogue. It’s called THE VILLAGE. Reading the applications always gives me such a feeling of great warmth, because, as much as I want to quit all this email and blogging and have high-quality real life adventures at the salons, the truth is… bunches of people don’t really show up for those, anymore. I mean, they did, in the 1990s and the 2000s, it was like you throw a party and wham, it’s packed, and you have people coming in off the street to your office, ground-level (the one in Seattle) or up a hill (the one in rural Ireland) and mixing and joking and jamming with you about philosophy, art, food, design, jazz, software, architecture and making meaning.

But things are different now, aren’t they? We are emailing. We are texting. We don’t really talk in real life when we meet. Sometimes we go out of our way to avoid meeting when we might meet, when we see someone and literally avoid their eye. (This is why I left Seattle, ultimately, to return to North Carolina… where I used to feel people might smile and say hey from the front porch, and say, ‘How y’all doin’?’, and while they did, they really did, it just… it just wasn’t the same as before… all this… internet.)

A. says I should embrace technology instead of hating it. I guess that’s fair. I use it. Really, if it weren’t for internet I wouldn’t be able to write and share like this, like I’m doing right now. Connect. And connecting is important to me. So I feel… sad about disconnection. I miss the fervor and height of actually enjoying being in a place in real life—freely conversing, unrecorded, undocumented. Where people eat their food without taking a photo of it first, and they can sustain a dialogue without having to go and check something online, or type while pretending to listen to you. Ugh. That’s the worst. Is technology making us less human? I wondered. Wrote a little more on this topic, not so ranty, I hope, at this post.

THE VILLAGE. A lot of people have been in correspondence with me through the last few years about ** work, family, and relationships ** and I thought it might be neat to bring us together in a forum-style space. Working title is THE VILLAGE. The idea is to convene a small group, as we design and build this next thing (a book? another co-created anthology? something else?) together as we go. Does that sound interesting to you? Connect with me through the form on this page, if  yes… Plus, I’ll share with you the ‘why’ of this stuff, if you want to know? Ask me. I have a one-pager, now, thanks to a hearty conversation with MC.