Hello internet

WRITING TODAY. Lots. On email. Pencil-paper. In virtual blogs. At protected pages. Posting. Writing. Conversing. There are texts. There are sometimes phone calls. Things are starting to zoom into focus. Quickly, seamlessly. Not because of anything but one thing: committing to a thing. One thing. A focus. For me, this time, this next 6 months, the thing is this: true connection.

I am going to skip all the bloggy ranting, this time. None of that stuff, that’s kidstuff. This blog is growing up. This conversation is maturing. There is evolution, there are stages, we are going places. Progression is important (to me).

So yeah. I am going to get straight to heart of the ‘why’ of making these bloggy things, and writing, and creating space for us to discover and connect, and interconnect. And maybe it will surprise you. But this will only happen in the virtual conversations. Many reasons. It’s personal. It’s always personal. (Isn’t that what the Godfather said?)

Curious about what we are up to? Connect here.