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6 June 2017


THE MONSOON is here, in Hanoi. It has been terrifically hot these last three days; heat wave. I’m staying in a kind of homestay, with young people who wanted their own flats but are obligated to still live with their families, so they rent it some of the rooms and come by when they can to meet and chat with some of us. I have just met S., who is upstairs, and told me all kinds of stories about her family. Family, not necessarily ‘where I’m from.’ But how it was, growing up, with her dad. I told her some stuff, too, and that was when I realized the whole idea of interconnecting starts with being somewhere, with making an intention to shows, stay open, and make the invitation. I asked her if she wanted to go for Indian food, since we kept talking about cardamom, jeera, and turmeric. We did. I am looking forward to the next impromptu lunch party, perhaps Vietnamese food—there’s a pretty famous little spot that does all vegetarian, around the corner from our shared house. I feel like I’m in college, a bit. It’s nice. And here come the rains… Thunderstorming. A respite.

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