A new circle

COMING UP ON THE SECOND WEEK. Of a new online conversation circle.

It’s called THE VILLAGE.

This was the welcome note, a few days ago…

THANK YOU to those of you who registered this week for THE VILLAGE. It’s, as you know, an invitation-only conversation salon. I wanted to round us out so we had a good mix of people with varied backgrounds and experiences: who we are, who we’ve become, as I’ve learned through our personal correspondences to date. The whole idea of writing to you, on the blogs and in the emails, has shifted for me. I want to write more personally, in our online virtual circles. We found you and you found us, and here we go. (This past Monday I sent you the first prompt, if for some reason you didn’t get it, let me know. I want to be in clear communication here, so much gets lost these days with technology, so I want to avoid that. I’m here, I’m listening. I’m going to respond. Much more to share, as we get going. There is so much great conversation, I’m sure of it, ahead of us.) See you in the forums, and here’s to the journeys.

IT’S SUPER EXCITING FOR US to convene in the online spaces some of the fascinating people DK has met through our travels and even work, in countries of Asia and Europe. I am always humbled by the level of thoughtfulness in the applications that come in and the value that these members bring. We are very selective in making invitations, because of the importance of hosting a safe and open-ended dialogue in online circles. Very small. Each one, but vivid.

Circles in our S P A C E programs (of which THE VILLAGE is one) are myriad and multiple, and diverse in all the senses of the word. If it weren’t for the learning that always happens when these kinds of conversations can progress (it usually takes about three months to really get started, because by then we know who’s sticking around, and then it gets very interesting), I would have stopped hosting them a long time ago. But it’s a great way to augment what begins, often, in real life spaces. I think almost everyone that is participating at the time of this writing had joined a DK event or met one of us in person, before saying, ‘I believe you will host this in a way that makes it worth my time, and money, to take part.’ I’m especially looking forward to sharing, in about four weeks, where we are in this protected post, Departures.

Probably the one that gets the most interesting comments, and I just reread them, just now, and there were some tears, or that feeling of tears about to come, and holding them back, that kind of feeling, because there are only a certain group of people who, together with us here at DK, enjoy and appreciate space to talk about such things as Home & Away, Departures, Ritual, Seasons, and The Village. I like small circles; it gets very intimate, and cozy, and where the whole point of engaging with others makes a great deal of intuitive ‘sense.’

Senescence kind of sense.

We make invitations to certain people we meet in person, but also, to those who discover us and connect through ‘A little S P A C E,’ which you can read about if you click the ‘contact’ tab, and find your way there, if there’s an interest. Not for everyone, but well worth it for those of us who are seeking, searching, and interested in going beyond the day-to-day, mundane, banal, and unintriguing. Most of the Internet is that, and sadly, most of real life seems to be headed that way, too. Let’s remember how to converse, connect, and learn together. Let’s keep making salons, real life ones and online ones, because who else is going to do this work, but us, together? That’s it from Ha Noi, today, for the moment. Onwards, forwards. Next! —AS

[Update: July 31 2017] Here are the posts from our interactive forum, ‘A new circle.’ Learn more when you add your name to S P A C E. Be sure to tick ‘Random Stuff.’