Welcome to the Village

WELCOME TO THE VILLAGE. The Village is an online conversation salon. It’s by invitation. It’s for people whose paths we are crossing, and with whom we’d like to develop a continued correspondence. This time, themed around the idea of The Village. Together we will ask, in this 4-12 week sequence, ‘To which tribe do I belong?’

Mixing our experiences and backgrounds is the goal. Co-discovery and co-learning, through writing together in protected-page posts at this blog. You’ll meet people from other timezones, writing asynchronously in response to the weekly prompts. Prompts are sent Mondays at 7AM USEST. There is no need to be anywhere at any particular time, it’s all done by email. No video, no tests, no homework. Just… weekly prompts. Each one is designed to take less than 20 minutes.

DK’s Dipika Kohli (TEDx, Kismuth Books) hosts our online programmes exploring identity. Watch ‘There’s Not That Much Time Left’ here.




So far this year, guests have been invited personally by Design Kompany’s A. Spaice. More about who gets invited, and why, is in the FAQ section below.

The programme itself is hosted by DK’s Dipika Kohli.

We have less than a dozen active members at any time, and that is by design. New spots open when participants leave.

This is a participatory journey, and even though prompts (which we’ve developed over the last three years in past programs like SELF, THE FORUM, the Cojournal, and previously through 10 years’ brand identity design work, are designed to take less than 20 minutes each week, showing up is pretty much a huge part of how it manages to stay interesting, for those of us who are part of it.

How do I get to be part of this?

BY INVITATION. If you want ‘in’ on this, you need to first go through an orientation sequence through S P A C E. For that, it’s just a simple one-step signup, the current link to free S P A C E is: at our contact page.

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INVITATIONS TO COME. We will  be making invitations through September for this and perhaps 1-2 other programmes only through the  S P A C E list. Click the box above to find out how to get the orientation to S P A C E.


Q. Does this cost?
A. Yes. It’s a weekly rate, depending on the time of the year when we are making invitations, and to how many people.

Q. Can you give me an idea of what I can expect?
A. It depends, is the honest answer. If you are open to the idea of trying something involving some cross between a writing workshop, a conversation salon, and a dinner party, this is the space for you. As in the case of each of those, what you get will depend on who else arrives, and what we each bring to the programme. I make invitations from time to time when there is a critical mass forming that feels like it might be a good time to make some introductions, and THE VILLAGE is a way.

Q. How do you choose whom to invite?
A. Gut feeling. But seriously… Who gets invited? People who have joined past salons, or queried about the ones that are coming up, are invited but only if they show to us an inclination towards sharing, together with new and different others, as well as making a short-term commitment to being part of this, in a real way. No lurkers. No standers-by.

Q. What do I do when you invite me?
A. You can choose to apply, and then, if selected, you can proceed to register. You’ll be able to stay as long as you like, once you’ve joined, at the rate that you commit to at that time.

Q. Why is it so hard to get invited, and sign up?
A. It’s really important to us that we are filtering people who are truly open, interested, and engaged in this kind of co-creation, and in committing to showing up. Not for everyone. Our free orientation sequence ends, and with it, so do invitations to join The Village (and other programmes, that get designed based on whom we are meeting in S P A C E, and what people are sharing about why they chose to connect with us in this way). Interactive, fun, light, and conversational. But… No second invitations will be made. If you’ve pass one up, that’s it. That’s because we want to focus on the people who are saying ‘yes’ and not ‘maybe.’ Onceness is our thing, here at DK. The urgency of NOW. And… ephemera, chance encounters, and the willingness to take a chance on… *something unexpected*. Not for everyone. Simpler to focus on those who are interested, even if there’s not a very fancy picture of ‘what it is’ or ‘why this is going to make my life better.’ I’m filtering for the curious, those ready to start something different: because a beginner’s mind is exactly why it works.

Q. Can I leave, and come back later?
A. It really depends on the nature of our relationship. New invitees get one-time invitations, only. People who have been part of DK’s community for more than 5 years, that’s just a different story. Everything depends. On numbers, interest, and the group that’s forming. Maybe your particular background or interests, or something you write in your application, will tip me in a way that suggests, ‘Yes, this person will add to the group.’ Maybe not. Just depends on how many people are already committing to the cohorts as they are formed. Most important for the programme’s success is commitment and continuity, I believe, so I try to only make invitations to people I really want to engage with. You are most welcome to leave anytime, of course. Just don’t have any expectations about getting special treatment, later.

Q. What do you do with what we share?
A. Nothing, unless we talk together about building an anthology. I delete everything on my files every twelve weeks. I don’t share or publish anything you write in these programmes with anyone, ever, without your permission. And in that case, it’s just once in a while, for example, in the case of the 2014 anthology we co-created through a previous programme. That was called The Mirror. It was a collection of nine voices, people chose a piece to share if they wanted to… completely opt-in, and a lot of fun, too. You’ll get a copy of The Mirror when you register for The Village.

Q. When is the next one?
12 September 2017.

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. Why not? Isn’t it fun to converse, and connect? Isn’t the internet there so we can have exchange and interactive conversation? Sorry I don’t see it as a place to broadcast a voice, now, nor do I want to get bajillions of followers and spend all my time stressing out about popularity and comments and ‘likes.’ No. I’m just tired of boring conversations, and also, of the limitations of traditional ‘groups’: nation, family, education, language… so many ways to get us into boxes. I want to get us out of boxes. Get us talking, together, one small circle at a time. The big picture idea is that one day, if there’s interest and the group dynamics are good, and people want to convene in real life, we can. We can decide on a place, time, and date, and just go and show up, and continue. In person, to see what we can learn, together. But that’s later, way later, after this gets going a bit. It’s only happened once, so far. 🙂

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‘Saved by wifi’ // Art by your host, Dipika Kohli // Bangkok 2013