The basics (and a compass)

REALIGNING WITH THE TEAM, here at DK World Headquarters in Phnom Penh. In Cambodia, where there is a slight breeze and the soft sound of humming constructions and light traffic. Traffic… that’s a given in PP, sure, so I’m not going to complain, especially with the influx of cars. Very popular. Cars.

But this week, where we are now, traffic is light. This is not the center of town. How many places have we lived here now? There was the nail salon (which closed, since), then the co-living thing where I just wanted a quiet room and a door that closed good and tight, then the villa (shared), then the embassy apartments and their gardens, plants and cat(s), then… a little break from all that… and now here. Apartment living. Far from the center of town.

That will mean less appointment-making for yours truly and more writing, here in the space of internet conversations that, soon, I hope, will be going into very intriguing directions. Starting in… three days. The compass thing, that will come up there.