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23 July 2017


Hi! I’m Mae and I’m angling between a deep orange sunset colour too (!) and the deep blue of Sydney harbour’s water, which is where I am these days… But I guess our colours change with our moods and circumstances. I have always wondered what it would be like to be colour-blind.

I also love collage. Looking forward to doing that again sometime with you DK!

Mae, definitely would be cool to collage again.

I’ve been at it for quite a bit now, I realized, and plan to make more things in the coming weeks. I’ve been sharing here and there in real life at mini-events, mostly offline and un-promoted, nothing serious, just like what you know these things to be, but lower-key. Smaller, too. I’m into very small circles, these days. Maybe you noticed, as there are just 4 of us here. 🙂

Hm. I wonder if anyone else will chime in here, before we start the next prompt on Monday. I’m curious to see. Meantime, I’m really excited to start this interactive component. It’s cool that you two already are acquainted; interesting how things like this can happen. Chance, timing. Arbitrary… so much of it… but yes. I’m still feeling bluish, here. Despite the sun. 🙂

I’m Bruce. (Glad to see your name again Sandro.) My color today is last night’s sunset color, mostly an apricot, changing to more of an orangish, then deeper reddish, sinking below the mountains behind Lake Tahoe.

Today, an easy hike, keeping pace with a two year old granddaughter, up a summer ski resort. Ancient pines, quiet, mountain flowers, black-crested blue Stellar’s Jays.

Looking forward to conversation.
-Bruce, enbrousse.

I’m Dipika. I’m going to say… blue. Today. It’s because I’m working on a new sequence of art pieces. I’ve been putting things on instagram, which is totally dorky, but here is the link. More dorky to share a link to my instagram, ha ha, but here it is: I’ve been thinking hard about where to take this stuff, where to go with ‘making art.’ Because for a long time I thought it was DESIGN work or CLIENT stuff. And as the time has gone by while I have been far away from the United States (where time is money, and money is your ‘worth’, and art is a ‘hobby’), I’m realizing just how much I love cutting, pasting, and folding things for long periods of time, mostly alone. So I’m thinking about where to go next, and hopefully, find a studio. And people to meet up with in real life, for salons and the like. A few pictures are going on the instagram, now. I’m sort of excited to finally share. I guess I was hiding in some kind of a weird box, for a while. But that’s… changing. The times? Something. Thank you all for reading! For being here. And wow, I didn’t mean for this to sound like a diary… Then again… Why not, right.

Hi! I’m green, and my wife is orange. The little one are pink/purple and undecided. I’ve long been undecided too, but I’m pretty certain now that I’m green. A fresh, healthy light green or a somber dark pine tree green, but no olive green.
This about sums it all up.

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