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12 August 2017


Posthumous, lightness, darkness and a solar eclipse – it’s all coming together at once!

I’ve been getting into myths and the functions of myths in society lately, and wanted to share these two articles if you haven’t read them yet:

Is an eclipse a reminder that the world really does go dark? A sign from above that the gods are still around and for us in the age of modern science and technology not to forget our place in the cosmos?

What a wonderful sight to see… enjoy Bruce! Hopefully I’ll get a chance sometime in my life.

Solaris for the storyline, The Passenger for the acting, and Before the Rain for the cinematography. And also Waking Ned Devine, because it is hilarious. And also because we are talking about these things related to death and what comes after. The Irish wake… positively incredible. I used to live in Ireland, for three years or so there, and I remember it.

Bruce vs. The Volcano

Recommending: The ultimate Departure movie – “Joe vs The Volcano”.

Featuring bumbling but earnest Tom Hanks, as Joe, the hypochondriac who is dying anyway, and the then cute, adorable, earnest Meg Ryan. An enjoyable summer chick flick, best seen while wearing Birdwell Board shorts and a tank top and slurrping pina colada Slurppies. Basically Joe accepts $1 million to jump into a south seas island volcano to appease the local Volcano God. Spoiler alert: I forgot how this movie ends, but as a Hollywood feel good romantic comedy I’m sure somehow they must all live happily ever after.

Apropos because:

I’m heading north, into Wyoming cowboy country. Ostensibly to be on the line of Solar Eclipse Totality, to gain the spiritual awaking of experiencing a total solar eclipse of the sun. By the moon. As it passes between us and the sun, and turns day into night. Next Monday, 11:33 MDT.

Into the Wind River range of mountains. Just south and east of the Yellowstone caldera, the third caldera, from it’s lastest eruption only 640,000 years ago. Created by the movement of the North American plate passing over an area of magma, shallowly covered by what is now Yellowstone National Park. With it’s famous Old Faithful and other geysers, hot pots, boiling mud pots, the Yellowstone lake shifting as its floor shifts, seismic activity, the stench of sulphur heavy in the air.

Fully aware that earthquake and gyser eruptions have been increasing lately and that the whole thing is going to inexorably blow up in a Super Volcano someday.

That day arrives next week.

As the power, both physical and spiritual, of the moon and sun aligning almost directly overhead, causes the ground to shift, which will cause massive earthquakes, and set off the whole spectacular, if deadly, light show. That whole thing is going to blow up. Some 6,000 times more powerful than the devastation of the eruption of nearby Mount St. Helens of recent memory. Totality of eclipse indeed. Totality of Destruction. Molten magma spewing into the sky and falling many miles away. Ash, hundreds of feet deep. Armageddon. Forget about the endangered wolves, and the bison and elk; they’re gonna be toast in the first flash

I’ll be there, to witness and experience the whole thing. Wearing my special protective solar eclipse glasses. This isn’t divorce, or moving into an apartment, or moving to frigging Phnom Penh. One final departure.

Farewell, All.

PS Joe vs. the Volcano, yes! Ends with the characters together in the sea, perfectly fine, with an HUGE moon coming out of the horizon. Speaking of moons. I can’t wait to hear how the excursion was…

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