New discoveries ahead (probably)

New discoveries ahead (probably)

DISCOVERING THE WORLD of internet conversations, more and more, bit by bit. Late to the party on this one. In the past three years, a faction of DK has been insisting on the importance of ‘real life conversation.’ For ‘true connection.’ This has become so important that we designed something called 16N just to make space for people to meet and talk together in real life.


Engineers and journalists, designers and writers, we are a small group of people who are interested in making manifest the quality of space we personally want to see happen, and that necessarily involves learning how to let go of the assumptions that (some of us at) DK had which were actually wrong.

In this case, the incorrect assumption (by one of us, DK herself) was this: ‘online conversations aren’t as high quality as offline ones.’ Found out, through the cojournaling projects and online circles in protected pages at The Village and The Forum that no, that’s just not true. Online conversations can be exemplary, and offline ones can be terrifically lame. Happens. On the road especially, when you see the boredom and ennui rampant everywhere and glowy screens with different movies going on at the same time throughout the so-called ‘exotic’ locales, laptops-in-hammocks et cetera. Online conversations, we are learning, allow you lots of space in between mailings and invitations to respond, which means time to percolate, time to digest, to process and to allow oneself to give over to the idea that multiple ideas can emerge to the very same prompt. It’s neat. Online, the dimensionality is just very different in feel to offline; yet what we know now is this—it’s the personal relationships of course that are what matter, not necessarily the channels. See A. Spaice’s LinkedIn for the Vickers’ quote >

DISCOVERIES JUST MADE. ‘You’ve found out through trial and error that it isn’t exactly real life conversation that is what matters to you, you found out it’s progression and quality. This is new. This is different, for us,’ says DK. ‘This is the start point of the new directions in hosting online conversations now. Salons online, not just in real life. Those are starting to fade away and become invitation-only circles for people we will invite to our living room parlor conversation discussions, mostly, at least, that’s the feeling right now. You can’t know a thing fully until you get to the point where you realize, yes, this is what I care about now, this is what I want to see more of in the world. That other stuff was fine, but it was not adequate. Can we re-engineer, change tack, change key, slightly adjust, and then let it play again? That is the story we are talking about now. Let us see. Let us see where S P A C E moves, next.’

AHEAD. Today in S P A C E we are regrouping. A photo essay. A conversation behind the scenes about what constitutes ‘good’ or ‘not-good’ when it comes to making art. Masterpieces: what are they and what are the qualities that make them so? And other things, like the School of Slow Media‘s REMIX event coming up this weekend in Phnom Penh.





New learning. New people. In S P A C E. At REMIX. And beyond.

Making, doing and sharing together.

To the next! In the UP. See you there.