‘The accountability thing.’

‘What thing?’

‘You know. Getting you to write down what you want to do this week. And then asking you if you did it.’


‘You said you wanted that, right?’

‘That was like, half a year ago!’

‘Yeah, sorry. But. I’ve gotten some other things going that reminded me of how it’s important to check in and stuff. And so I got back into it, not because, you know, it was highly urgent or anything, it’s just that, I know how to do it, at least. I have a hunch. A minimum viable thingy. But yeah. I think this will work. Mechanically. You know. Automating, but not getting all carried away with figuring out code. I’m not a code guy, you know that.’


‘I think sometimes people like to overdesign the tools. The tools aren’t important, though.’

‘What is?’

‘The doing.’