Timesaving tip: Commit to something

YOU GET STARTED. You don’t finish. Why is this?

Competing interests. Times that you were starting to do something, and then you didn’t, because… what? Distraction. Something came up. Something that you thought was going to happen didn’t, because of… what? Lack of commitment. Lack of conviction. Something else popped up on the other end. No worries, nothing gets done, time goes by, nothing gets done, because… why? Lack of commitment. Lack of showing up. Not caring enough about doing it, because you are too busy considering other options. Paralyzed into inaction because of… what?

Keeping it all open. Not committing to any one thing. Leaving everything on the table. Not progressing or developing in any of the particular directions because… why?

Not committing.

Not showing up.

Not following through.

Not developing a thing.

Not progressing in a particular dimension.

Because… why? Because: Keeping your options open. Which leads to: shallowness in the things that are there. Which leads to: loss of interest. Which leads to: boredom, inattentiveness, lack of momentum, loss of clarity, scope creep, confused vision, external inputs, loss of project management skills, loss of gumption. Dropping it, anyway.

So this.

Here’s a timesaving tip: delete what’s not important.


Commit to what is.

How do you know?

Just google around for some worksheets.