ARE YOU IN MEDIA? Perhaps you work with text and images?

Are you wondering what Adobe InDesign is? Maybe you have heard of it, and are curious.

If yes, this is a good overview course to take. It is for beginners.

Adobe InDesign is a software often used to make:

In our course you will discover:


9:00AM :: Meet at the Meetpoint Life Café
ផ្ទះលេខ35Eo, ផ្លូវ402​, ភូមិ​3,​ សង្កាត់​ទំនប់ទឹក​, ខណ្ឌ​ចំការមន, Phnom Penh
9.05AM :: Registration
9.10AM :: Learn 8 ways to use InDesign
9.30AM :: Make your own A4 flyer (materials provided)
10.00AM :: Question-and-answer

This training is provided by Phnom Penh-based members of Design Kompany LLC. DK is a boutique publishing studio with 10 years’ experience in brand identity design. It started in 2004 in Seattle, USA. Now the studio works on independent publishing and custom projects. Questions? Write to Jas Plac through the form at

How to register

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29 August 2017