Timezones and persimmons

FRUITS. HOURS. It goes together, thinking about it. Sometimes, when certain hours go by, fruits come out of it. Yield. Is that what it is called? ‘Yield?’ Maybe it’s just fruit. Right? Let’s let it be. Fruit is coming, now. It took a while, to get things going, with The Mirror. I think that you could say that I almost gave up, a few times. You do that, when you get to the place where you think, ‘This is going nowhere. I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.’ It’s that ‘ahead’ part that gets you, I am learning. Because really, this isn’t a race. It’s not that linear. There’s no ‘going somewhere.’ There’s no ‘finish line.’ If there is, I think that’s the end of your life. Right? Why would you want to hurry towards that? Coming back to the hours. Timezones. I have software now set up for this so I don’t send mail at 4:22AM or try to get in touch with RS at the wrong time. Showing up out of the bluish, into the email inbox for R., who’s the first person I ever emailed, who is now in… Where? California?, and who might be like, ‘What the?’ (This next bit is for you, R. Remember? You were there, aesthetically, with me. About all this stuff. Relating, aesthetics, poetry. I remember. You, there, holding the light out. I saw. I followed it. Thanks for that.) A new year. Phone calls. The occasional letter. Real letters? Yes. I’m a fan. I have always, always been a fan of the long hand letter. Sometimes I lose addresses. I’ve lost all of them, now. Except two. Writing those addresses. Getting stamps. It’s not pressing ‘send,’ it’s dropping an envelope through a slot, sending it along with a little wave and a whisper. You do these kinds of things, when you’re… Interested. In round and not square relationships. In circumferences and not sides. In the shapes that emerge between people whose paths might not have crossed. In the art of just showing up, anyway, for this whole party. Reading the funny stuff. Enjoying the lightheartedness. A change. A lifting. And sharing that, more and more. But right. I already said this. In very small, trusted circles. Persimmons. I forgot to put in something about persimmons. Oh.