‘N’ ∩ The Mirror

GREETINGS, SPACELAND. I’m in the cloud right now. Just, right here, right over the moon. Several guests joining us for the online programme, The Mirror, have also been at ‘N’. Four ‘N’ events have happened so far: Phnom Penh, Bangkok, London and Hanoi. That was fun. Now, we are gathering in a virtual circle—but not all of us. Just a handful. Those who have decided to also try out this thing, the online reflection and writing workshop, The Mirror. Soon, we’ll convene in one small protected page on this blog. Meet in… Uh… Virtual space. To talk about ‘N’ near and far. Or just to hang out, together, with that shared ‘N’ experience ambiently about us. I’ll have to make this post into a private conversation when it begins, but in the meantime, salutations from… Up.



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