S P A C E || 2MB

S P A C E || 2MB



Very specific personalities. To whom DK have sent invitations for The Mirror.


If you’re reading, this is for you both.

One near. One, far.


‘Time and space’

MB. I. Meant. Everything. That I wrote. This is it. The best project, ever, that DK have made. You already knew this was going to happen, when we met. That ‘something’ would be made, something weird. Something unusual. That is why we have not lost the conversation thread. Unlikely as it has been that we would have kept it, look at all the many, many reasons. [Insert many, many lines of text.] The reason is obvious, to me. Is it, to you? Do I need to blog a post to tell you? Because I don’t know where and when you check your email. Do you check your email? Do you read this blog? I hope you do. I think you do. I still remember that comment on ‘Beautiful Simple in Carolina Blue,’ about the solids and Kepler and all. Carolina. We have to talk about that. There are others, who have thing to say. About these places we have traveled, these roads we have been on. What is the point of writing alone, when we can explore in this new, 4D space. I’m serious! FOUR D. Now. I have a book to recommend. Can you email me? I want to send you the title. Did you get the PDF? I hope so. Isn’t it good? I think so. They wrote it… Not me. They. The very small set of folks who said ‘yes’ and took me up on the challenge. For The Mirror. Not for everyone! But, then. You know that. So. Let’s try this? That way we can bridge the vast gap of time, at least a little. Words. Words can do a ton of stuff. They can… Wait. A separate space, for this. To write in. Together. Yes? Click the box, to open it. Everything starts afresh from there.


‘Aesthetics, approach’

MB. *Applause.* Welcome to The Mirror! I’m so jazzed you are here. To the new, recent, ready-to-try-this but I see… Hesitant… MD, now, yes? Oh-kay. What’s ahead? A continuation of TC! It is the online version of it. A party. More people, this time. There. Already. In the space, talking together. Brilliant to see how this is unfolding. Such terrific trust. I’m humbled and mystified. But then… Design. Design can make things happen! Intention… Starts with trust. Of course it does. Then, letting go of bounds, uncertainty is part of it, but in that space of playful let’s-just-go-and-see, something cool happens. We see… Something… New and different. It emerges. It pops into place. It becomes… Well. I am not going to intellectualize here. Certainly not in public like this. I will share it for the circles that are getting made. Slowly, certainly. That thing is certain. After all this time, writing and deleting, giving away pieces of the story (literally lately… People are like, ‘Oh no! I can’t take this!’, and I say, ‘Take it! Take it so I can make something new!’)… after all this time, like I was saying, the artfulness is starting to be there. But… you’ll see.

THE MIRROR BEGINS. Just 7 days in, but already, we are in the throes of it. The trusting of the process. We are on our way. There are a handful of outstanding invitations, but you know… We are close. To almost being finished. With the selection of our set of participating guests. It’s going to be a fascinating, wild, and certainly uncertain journey. Let’s see what happens next. Posting the next note on Monday. Monday. See you there!…