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14 January 2018


Okay. I’m here now, with wifi. The keyboard isn’t working but okay. Can’t have it all. I went to the library today. I had heard there was a library here. Inside I found a section of very old psychology books, nested within motivations ones. lIke, handfuls, Not tons. Took an armload and proceeded to read something about Feng Shui. It was a manual, kind of, but eighth grader level, and easy to thumb through. It struck me how often the author(s?) felt they had to, and qualified ‘things we don’t know’. Why configurations are lucky. Why water is a big deal to pay attention to, or obstructions, or the flow of chi. BH wrote about chi.

It talked about color, and mood.

Animals associated with your birth year.

It gave me a chance to slow down, feel the things about intrinsic energies (vibrations). And the importance of ‘the interplay of forces.’

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