S P A C E || Art of not knowing

THE ART of not knowing starts with showing up for the chance encounter, staying curious, and recognizing the opportunity to learn and grow when it meets you. This week, at AtelierSpace || Kuala Lumpur, this is the stage we are playing on: the open floor, the giant sky, the looking and searching that continue to get us going. The theme for the zine S P A C E || Kuala Lumpur, we found out, together, is #wanderlust. A passion for movement, open-eyed and if lucky, open-hearted. Proceed with caution, you might just find something out about yourself you never could have imagined being there. Concurrent with #TheMirror is 17-30 January’s popup zinemaking atelier, Atelier S P A C E || Kuala Lumpur. Welcome to the journey.