‘Hi, Dipika. It’s been a long time, I’m watching what you all are doing, and I have to say, I’m really intrigued.’

Thank you! I—‘

‘But I don’t undersatand it.’


‘What is this?

‘What is what?’

‘This Space thing. This what you are doing thing, how does this work exactly? What is the benefit, the point of it?’


‘I know you want to say, to explore. But no one needs* that. Not really. What you have to do is tell people in a relatable way 1) what this is and 2) why this will make their life better.’

‘…’ *thinking: oh yes, yes they do! All of us do!*

‘You have to. Spell it out. Have a speech.’

‘A speech?? No!…’

‘Dipika, listen. No one will understand this if you can’t communicate it clearly.’

‘Yes they will! Some people will!’


‘Won’t they?’

‘No. Look, you yourself told me you came and checked out your own notes and found them haphazard and weird and hard to follow. Right?! So can you imagine…. Short story is this, Dipika. Fix the way you talk about Space so that it’s not so gosh darn abstract and esoteric. Can you do that?’


‘Um. Well, what about this Mirror thing? Can you at least tell us what the heck it is? Can we start there?’

‘Oh, um, I’ll… post a thing.’


22 January 2018