i wanted to tell you about a thing we are coming to make happen in CPH later this year. This is the event.

16N is a series, and it is going to be for just 16 of you.

‘N’ Copenhagen: NEARNESS. ‘What’s close? How does it affect me?

KM had asked me for a picture, in 2015, when I was making the first invitations. ‘A picture! That would help.’

Okay. I have one now. From Hanoi. It looks like this.

What happens?

16 people.

Total strangers to the idea of ’16N,’ meeting in a big blind date.

Honestly, it somehow works.

You put your phone in a box. You talk about a theme.

We were talking about NOTEWORTHINESS in London, NOW in Bangkok, NORMALITY in Phnom Penh, and NARRATIVE in Hanoi.

‘N ‘ for CPH is ‘NEARNESS’. I just felt like it made sense, as a theme, when I got there and walked around in your city and met peopleand bumped into conversations.

I can tell you more about that, if you email me through the form at the ‘about page!’, there is definitely more to share.

16N. Each city has to have an ‘N’ in it. And the venue? Has to start with an ‘n’. So it’s kind of… Weird, right? Then again, weirdness seems to be welcome, in a small way, whenever I go to DK. Hit me up if you want details? There are tickets for this, just scroll down on this website on any page to find ‘N’ Copenhagen info under ‘upcomings.’


28 January 2018