Mixing it up

SHIFTS AND NEW BEGINNINGS. It’s 4PM. My time. To write. To think, to free myself of the burdens of ‘obligations.’ I’ve blocked out this time frame every week for a long time, now, and I’m very particular about holding it and keeping it, all to me.

Funny that I open this wordpress thing at 4:05. It’s automatic, now. Like going for a long run, I imagine, would be for runners, or taking the night train home might be, for the commuters.

I’m writing, I’ve been writing, I’ve always been writing. Only… recently, I’m just starting to share again. Because I had gone into hibernation here in Asia for the last few years, to work out a couple of books, then those things got written and a new beginning began. Last year was the year of shuffling and trying out stuff, going to different countries in Asia and seeing if I could find ‘the next thing’ there. Not like, long term or anything. Just… for a bit. For a time. For as long as the visa would last, if I have to be really honest. Now I’m writing you from Malaysia. I’m two months into the three months they give you for my passport. I’ve been taking the time to do the things you have to do if you want to be really clear about what you are going to focus on, next. I guess I’ve resisted for a long time. Pinning things down too soon is my pet peeve; people getting locked into ‘the way I’m going to do it’ without exploring properly, and I mean really far and out there, way, in order to discover something you didn’t even know what it was going to be yet. You have to do that if you want real innovation. Real shaping of a kind of way of going about the problem-solving that does break the boundaries and make things better, stronger. (More to say here, about the status quo, etc., but I’ll save it, lah.)

Collaboration is a topic we are discussing behind the scenes, here at this very website, in something called The Mirror. Which was a build on a thing we started 4 years ago, something called the Cojournal Project. So, over time, and with input, and fresh and original thinking from so many mixed sources, and some reading, too, but well outside our usual scope of awareness, and even, yeah, living and immersing in Phnom Penh just to make it that much more different (for me), a lot. A lot!, to say. And we are starting to share again, here at this blog, and also in real life, and that means… we want to reconnect, rekindle and share what we know works. It’s no longer a matter of testing, really. I mean, yeah, sure, you’re always tweaking the design. But the design—spacemaking for high quality exchange is the goal of our design now—is ready. And working. It’s really cool to see this. I’m happy to talk more about that if you meet me or email us. I’m happy to do that because now I have the words. I have been sitting still thinking and writing for four years and now, I have the words to share, because sharing is as much a part of the design (and artfulness), I found out. Very good.

Thanks, very much, to M., who helped me put this together in a different way in my mind because M. only speaks Japanese and that meant I had to go back to an earlier time of my life when speaking in Japanese was more the way I was doing things every day, and with the words the way of thinking, or not-thinking, because speaking in the silent spaces is just as big a part of the communication as the feelings. Ne. (I didn’t say ideas. I said feelings.) And feeling your way towards the rightness of something is where this is leading… this new kind of design. A new feeling is emerging, now. That something is afoot, and it is about interconnecting and interrelating with people, in new and remarkable ways. I’m going to keep writing and sharing, now, but mostly through the emails that we share in our mailings with those who are replying and responding, and entering their comments into boxes on the comment forms, and so on. It’s an exchange, in other words. It matters what you, if you are there, and you’ve read all the way to this point, and you are sort of curious, it matters, to me, what you think about the big work of interrelating. So that, _____. What would it be, for you? Let’s talk about these things. Meet us at something online or offline, and let’s see where the conversations go. Discover the fourth dimension, the shape of space, and emergence. Connect, but in a meaningful way. In depth, not trivially. Curiouser and curiouser, towards the new we go. If I just met you and I was telling you aboutthe March programme, just go down to the bottom of this page until you see ‘The Mirror Section B.’ To the journeys, then. And to the making of more and better art. (M. and J., lookin’ at you.)


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