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8 March 2018


And CE. I’ve already shared it with CE. So that’s all of us.

Small in scale, a little circle. Conversation that’s ambient, but something connects us, somehow. Ambient… S P A C E. Space is invisible. But space connects us all… The fourth dimension, multiverses, so many things that are coming up in the world, in the conversations that are emergent… even in the interstices. The *noticing* of *our own noticing* (of our selves, of our words, of the words that shape themselves onto the pages, and the way it feels to read them, and respond to them, together, all of this and the different aspects of *noticing*) that we are doing… that is what I hope some of this is turning into a place for. I hope, I hope.

We started out with a __ for Line 10, and look what we did? We made magic, together.

Together we did it. We made… A. Spaice…

I’ve only shared the link so far with WT and MR.

Giving the others, who are caught up with work and other things at the moment, a chance to catch their breath before we continue this.

Continuing has a lot of facets. Circling to each of you this week to get a handle on what we should do for our next 4 weeks. More soon. In email on Monday.

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