A new SELF

A NEW MAILING LIST. A new plan for 2018. Redesigning behind the scenes. Innovate or die. Check.

Now that some things have been left behind, like a little zine pictured hiding here for someone to discover, DK are ready to host a new thing. SELF. Well it’s not really new. It happened in 2016. An online space that begins a dialogue about You… It’s for those of us who have been timid about saying ‘yes’ to new experiences, or taking chances, or showing up, but who wish we could become more adventurous. Built from a past in design and brand identity design, it’s a 12-step online workshop for those ready for a real shift. Is this you? Join the conversations. ✨Read more about SELF here: http://designkompany.com/blog/2018/03/27/3-april-self/