‘What’s your design style?’

From 7 August, DK offer an 8-week online programme, ARCHITECTURE. It’s designed for architects, designers and practicing artists who want to be able to succinctly, genuinely, and meaningfully answer this question for new audiences.

First impressions count.

You only get 11 second to make that first impression, according to a friend in software sales.

INTRODUCING ARCHITECTURE. When people ask you what you do, what you make, what it’s for, and who your audience is, do you have a clear answer that they actually stay with you to hear the end of? That’s the purpose of our new short course online, ARCHITECTURE. Getting it clear.

DK designed brand identities for architects in Seattle from 2006-2011, including: Joji Minatogawa Architects, Group 3 Architects LLC, C’ODA Design Build, Case Design + Project Management, and D+A Studio.

All of them were very different, and the communication that came together after working with us through these kinds of fine-tuning conversations gave rise to distinct identity designs. Note: This workshop is NOT a design identity project. Rather, it is simply an online correspondence, with guided, prompt-led conversation and back-and-forth consultation with DK, towards arriving through reflection and connection at the ‘Why I do this,’ and ‘What I am saying with my visuals,’ questions.

DK’s Dipika Kohli, whom you will be directly working with, held staff jobs at architecture firms in Tokyo and Raleigh-Durham as a designer, mostly in communications. Occasionally drafting, but mostly always shifting towards graphic design communications through strong visuals, and art.

She was invited by a member of CORA NW (an informal architecture group that has members from different firms), to present a seminar, ‘Just Be You.’ This took place at the waterfront office of Mithun.




‘Make good art’

FOCUS ON THE RIGHT WORK. Perhaps you’re aware of the commencement speech about this topic, ‘Make good art‘. But… is that enough? Artists and designers and musicians and architects and we smalltime business owners each struggle with this question. How much is enough? Where do I draw the line? Am I being true to the vision I set out to do? But back to marketing. What if you could do it yourself, but do it in a way that really works?


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SCHEDULE. ARCHITECTURE is an online workshop set to take place over 8 weeks. 

WHAT HAPPENS. Here’s how it works. Each week you’ll get an email with a thought-provoking conversation-starter. You’ll dialogue with DK and work through some of the ‘why do I do this?’ and ‘who wants to know?’ questions that anyone in marketing will ask you to think about. But with an additional component: a visual sketch of a single, unifying concept. The foundation for your brand. What does it look like? How does it ‘sing?’ These are questions designers like to ask their clients in early conversations during what’s called ‘the creative brief questionnaire.’ We’re going to go about it in online format, over 8 weeks. What you’ll get is a 5-word focus on the things your music does for people, and what makes it yours, uniquely, too.

WHAT YOU GET. You’ll go through DK’s abbreviated ‘focus’ programme, and we’ll work with you through an interactive conversation over 8 weeks to write your  ‘brand statement’. That’s the  deliverable. Walk away with a clear picture of the ‘who I am’ and ‘why this matters’ questions in a paragraph of just three sentences. (Ours here at DK is: ‘Let’s play?’)

FEES. This online programme is a flat, onetime fee of USD $525*.

*Note: this does not include design, only the ‘brand statement.’


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