‘Kaunter Tiket’

‘Kaunter Tiket’

The 2-volume zine, S P A C E || Kuala Lumpur, leads with a story called ‘Kaunter Tiket’.

It’s a limited edition run of just 21 sets, pictured here:

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This is a raw, ‘painted-in-words’ honest story, whose composition frames a very particular quality of tenacity in a woman whose story we might never have guessed. It was compiled from notes and interviews conducted from December, 2017, to February, 2018.

The heroine of this piece is a woman whose real-life story left DK so speechless, that we completely overhauled the story originally published last winter. Since then, the team collaborating on the zine continued shaping the story, to refine the so that it is much more a portrait of one particular strain of a life, a style, and a philosophy.

So much more began to come into the picture, and the update is more round, more fleshed-out, and more rich in complexity and nuance than this early release. Maturing? Something.

What is it about? DK insist that true connexion starts with showing up, that men’s paying attention, noticing and being there when someone begins to let the floodgates open. In this case, an honest beginning of just such a kind of personal connexion led DK and the team at Atelier S P A C E to revise theories about ‘status’ and ‘motive,’ and to note with alacrity thanks to her wisdom, how nothing and no one are as they may at first seem.

Bukit Bintang, KL

It came together like this. One very short, but potent, casual interview. In which time, all of the depth, and breadth, of the physics and chemistry of human relationships came to light in the exposition of a stunningly off-course day. Softly, honestly, and through that underacknowledged thing that is the stuff of honest, feminine commiserating. Sharing deeply of a full, round story of what it means to live a particular mode of life. Why. For whom. Duty and sacrifice. Beauty and wisdom. Access, power, privilege, and deep loneliness where you never thought you would see it. What some know. What others truly want.

Sweet dreams are made of this/ Travel the world and the seven seas/ Everybody’s looking for something… —Eurythmics

This took four months of investigating the heart of questions that probe the meaning of love, its many shades, the changing nature of it with modernity and with transactional clauses attached, sex, splendor, arts, power dynamics, misunderstandings, pains, and broken embers. (We read, we wrote, we conversed in S P A C E. We investigated through inquiry and search that the heart of an artist would move to, and found along the way these selections of gems to present in the form of a very brief, creative nonfiction piece. Ego. Fragility. Power. The quest for validation. Sex as food. Commonplace loss of respect for Other, and superlative awareness of Self. Some have it put together. Some don’t. And we cannot know, from the outside, which is which.)

Early comments on ‘Kaunter Tiket’: ‘Your openings are always emotionally evocative. You are not quite sure how to feel as a reader, but you feel something…’

In this work of creative nonfiction, ‘Kaunter Tiket,’ meet a new character in S P A C E, corporate exec Ritu Raj. She meets with the remarkable and unexpected chance encounter described above, and sees in an insightful instant it will reframe her perceptions of material, and personal, success. Worlds apart, but joined in their experience of a series of life experiences with common denominators, their dialogue touches on all angles they can manage to delve into on the subject of love relationships. Look forward in this short, packed zine to discovering an unexpected intrigue, witnessing closehand  a superior poise, cutting up mainstream media’s images of female beauty, and being allowed to witness a bright, passionate resilience. Set in the smoky billow of neither heartbreak nor apathy, but reality, the story starts somewhere behind Jalan Sultan Ismail. New recountings of age-old narratives invite you to rethink painted facades and false illusion, to re-examine your own vaulted storages of untested, so-called certainties that disintegrate when challenged arduously by someone who simply knows a thing, by living it, that you can never access.

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