Journaling and photography in S P A C E

Journaling and photography in S P A C E

IN A WEEK, we are beginning a new conversation salon in S P A C E. This time, it is also a photography workshop.

We’re going to be gathering visual people for a unique 12-week project in which, I hope, we’ll all learn something cool together about how to slow, still, and see the moment. See the now. I’m enjoying the preliminary rounds of conversations.

And reading applications from far and near. Also, the chance to reconnect with some of my favorite photographers. I’m always interested in getting the latest input from peers and respected colleagues who are doing amazing work, all around the world.

You know, that’s probably why I wanted to do this salon. Just to say ‘hello’ to a few lost friends and reconnect with some fantastic artists. It’s nice when you can say, ‘How do you feel about slowing down to really see the subject? Do you think that we’ve lost touch, in some way, with this basic step when we are making images now? What is the difference between image and photograph?’

This last question came from a photographer I’ve just met, YL, someone who looks at the world through quite a different lens from most people I know, but that’s in a way, quite refreshing.

It fits. S P A C E conversations are about connecting with and then, interconnecting new and different others, in remarkable ways. Sometimes that can happen in our online spaces, as we saw with ‘A Nomadic Existence’ just wrapped. Phew. A lot. Today I’m finalizing our 12-week programme and setting up the S P A C E forums in which we’ll converse. We’re starting on 2 July, with orientation conversations beginning at the weekend.

Looking forward to seeing what your cameras will see.

Are you curious?

Be sure to read full details about fees for ‘Slow Moment’ and apply. –DK