Tokyo’s zine scene

SPANNING THE JAPAN TIMES, looking for news about the world in publications outside of my usual circuit (and also curious what they would say about Japan’s appearance yesterday at World Cup, because, wow, what a show), I found a cool article about the zine scene in Japan.

That was unexpected! So there are people besides us at DK who are championing the zine format as a way to bring publishing back to the story, the local, the creative space that doesn’t get caught up in ‘will this sell?’ or ‘will this offend someone in our constituency?’ or ‘but can we get a grant for this?’ Zinemakers don’t care.

Japan and indie publishing 4ever

Here is the story, and below, a piece of advice from two 20 year-old zinemakers, Haruka Kado and Huki Nishiya of fashion zine “Fanatic Tokyo.” Their first issue came out in early 2017, and according to the article is part fashion photography and part introspective musings. (Introspective musings, eh? Hmmmmmm.) To prospective winemakers, they say:

Have something you want to say. If you are just making something for personal satisfaction it’ll just be over with that. You need to have something you want to convey to other people: –Fanatic

Photo: Japan Times Claire Williamson