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11 July 2018


Haha do what other people do but better huh? Story of humanity right there.

I know his work pretty well. Mitsy introduced me several years ago actually. I have also listened to him on a few podcasts with James Altucher. In fact, Mitsy even read his book about Not Giving a F#*K.

In what way do you mean co-opting the format? Building our own lifestyle blogging space or something different? Looking forward to meeting up with you TUesday


I can’t help but have some thoughts about this guy like, ‘But if he’s a writer writing about relationships, where is the picture of the happily married man ?’ And so on . Is it just really convincingly written, without real, um, experience informing the things he says? I mean, what is the thing about? He has a model, too, that’s sort of like what I think DK is trying to do here, part of us, anyway, with the magazine and subscriptions and stuff like that. I’m not sure.

I think Mitsy and you and I should also collaborate on something, sometime. If she wants to?

We can talk more about all this on Tuesday. Feelgood by the Monument, 12 noon, yes?

Yes, looking forawrd to seeing you tomorrow for sure.

As for Manson, we have to kind of question what good the persona of the happily married man is worth in the realm of advice. Particularly when that advice may not necessarily make marriage the goal. For the record, I do believe Mark is married now, but when I first encountered him he was very much the quintessential digital nomad. And was more adjacent to a “Pick up artist:” culture albiet with more of a soul.

Still, he’s moved on from doing romantic stuff and pushed forward on a sort of overall psychological bent and talks a lot about feelings and being the best person and that sort of thing. While I’m loathe to say I’m a FAN of his, I do appreciate what he has to say and what he brings to the table with his very honest approaches to life and revealing takes on things he notices and mistakes he made.

See… that’s what I think resonates the most. I’m probably a bigger fan of James Altucher who came into my life at a time where he was blogging heavily about mistakes and failure and personal embarrassments. He was also giving a lot of financial advice too, and it was nice to hear from someone who admitted running companies and also going broke.

Here’s a podcast with the two of them that I enjoyed listening to earlier this year:

I think you have a pretty great model set up with your site, the look of it, and the infrastructure you’ve put together. People can get emails and be drawn into writing workshops and sent articles and all that stuff. I don’t know the numbers of engagement and what not, but feel you’ve had a pretty good knack for that. For designing the space and creating an audience that cares. That’s what I feel these internet writer people are able to do so effectively.

Incidentally, I’m watching a couple fo video essays on the idea of para-relationships of the sort of one way variety of broadcasters to youtubers and the like. It goes to some interesting places as well, but very much operates on that notion of feeling you “know” someone because you engage with their work despite only knowing a persona. Its one thing on I think lifestyle writers like Manson, Altucher, Tucker Max, Danielle LaPorte and more video personalities like Teal Swan and Marie Forleo very much create that style of “intimacy” that allows their work to touch so many people. Often times, there’s a very personal feel to your work too.

Anwyay! Looking forward to talking to you tomorrow

I met Danielle LaPorte in Seattle, when she was doing ‘Style Statement’ with another woman and launching a thing. An old client brought me to the thing and said she thought we’d just get along. Something about the Marie Forleo thing and the others you’ve mentioned and Danielle LaPorte whom Akira said people CRIED because they didn’t get to see her at SxSW, come on, people!, but yeah–I have a weird odd feeling that… well, it becomes about the persona. And for me, making it so that people can feel invited to be there, and that the A. Spaice thing is the thing, not Dipika Kohli, well, you know? I think it’s ore interesting that way… and less pressure on me. A friend who went on to get famous with video stuff told me before all that, before, when he was still modest enough to show up at a simple house party game night of ours in Seattle, said I should ‘vlog.’ But me putting my face and words out there like that just… I don’t know… I also got asked to go on tours to host these International staged events, all you’d have to do is stand there introducing the guests… sounded like it would be fine, except: PUBLIC. I don’t know why but I turned it down, I didn’t want to go traveling on someone else’s dime if it meant that I had to be touring around as me. I don’t want that kind of ‘fame.’ Personally. I like what I have, here, yeah, with the people who are interested in what we are saying here, together and separately and in the forum-spaces. I had some revealing conversations lately with people whom I have been calling right up and talking to, directly. They’re like, ‘Hey!!!!’ And it’s like, ‘Wow!!’ We are doing something, here, but I don’t know quite what it is, what it’s called, or how come it’s working. But it’s working, I feel. Small in scale, light, conversational. Relaxed. It sounds a lot like my first artist statement… ‘I want people to feel relaxed. To feel air, space, and comfort…’ 2009!

That was great ! Sorry we couldn’t properly find a finishing point but I think… that’s okay too ! I’m enjoying this. I forgot to make a video game date for K. He asked me specifically… He’s gonna be annoyed I forgot. Anyway ! No rush at all. I’ll be thinking more about what we were talking about and recording and we can continue as and when and how, when we do. Tx tho!!

Another kind of raw thing, posted above. Thanks again for the great chat yesterday. Felt like a cross between pep talk and editorial jam session. But also business strategy. Weird! And fun. Hope the night of quizzing people went well, too. SYS. Also: Angle of Incidence!. Also, Janteloven. Let’s try something new when you’re ready I’ll send an ‘assignment.’ Cool.


It’s really cool to be back in Phnom Penh and catch up a little, here and there, with some of the people who I used to somehow know and also get to return to our conversations in real life. That is so great. I hope we can meet sometime soon–next week? I’m going to be around Feelgood on Tuesday for a 2PM meeting–could you meet me sometime before that, or after 4, either there or somewhere nearby? I was thinking about how easy it is for things to get lost in the fray when we don’t have a chance to talk together in real life and make sure we’re all doing all right. Checkin meetings are so, so good.

Remember STAMMTISCH? And how I told you it was inspired by a friend who taught me that word? S and I had been talking online for four years, here in S P A C E, but before, it used to be just email. I talked to him for the first time on a call, just last night! This was incredible. It really brought hoe something amazing to me: this is a remarkable place for some truly remarkable people to find and connect with each other. I want to be sure to continue to hold the space, a cheesy way of putting git, I prefer ‘make gravity’ or something wacky and jazz-inspired, hey, but yeah, for you all. And you are an important and very highly valued member of this community. I want you to know that. One day, in the nearish future, I imagine S will return to S P A C E, and when that happens, I’ll invite him here. He remembered about you from The Mirror, and also, he remembered about Mae. Remember that ‘Welcome back’ conversation thread there, back at the start of the year? Whew. That was poetic.

More on the way. I’ll start this thread with just us, but soon, we’ll be sharing this again with people who ticked ‘I’m a returning guest. What’s there for me?’

And yeah. Don’t worry about the scheduling thing re Friction. We’ll do it somewhere where online with the people who want to come. It’ll be better, I have a gut feeling. And ‘better’ is the objective, not forcing something to happen if people aren’t free and ready and excited to be there. You know what I mean? It’s not really even about ‘showing up’ sometimes–it’s about having the intention to want to shape the space and be in the conversations. And you know, I know you now pretty well, I’d say, and if there’s anyone I would put my bets on for being ‘keen’ as they say in Ireland/UK, it would be you.

Welcome back.

Sounds good. Feel Good 1 or 2? Lol funny how there’s more than one. If you count The Factory there’s more than 2.

Speaking of which, I don’t know if you’ve been to the Factory yet or we’ve talked about it, but I think you’d like that spot.

It’s always a fantastic thing when the wheels of fate turn us toward one another.

Did this notify you?… Hm.

Dipika Kohli
3 NOVEMBER 2018 AT 10:30 AM EDIT
Another kind of raw thing, posted above. Thanks again for the great chat yesterday. Felt like a cross between pep talk and editorial jam session. But also business strategy. Weird! And fun. Hope the night of quizzing people went well, too. SYS. Also: Angle of Incidence!. Also, Janteloven. Let’s try something new when you’re ready I’ll send an ‘assignment.’ Cool.

I could have sworn I wrote something in here…

Sigh… abridged version:
I’d love to meet Tuesday!
Which feel good? Like Noon?
Does the Factory count as a Feel Good since their cafe is there with a different name?
I think you’d like The Factory if we haven’t already talked about that.

Then something about the wheels of fate turning people liek gears or something… Blarg… remember what I write comupter!

Hey ! It got in, don’t worry.

Cool–Tuesday at the Feelgood that’s near the Java we used to go to all the time, by the monument. That one. Noon is great.

Also, Have you heard of Mark Manson? I’m reading all over this website and being intrigued by his model. I have a funny feeling that the two of us together could do this, but better. I’ve read that do what other people are doing but do it better is one way to make $ on the internet.

Let’s talk about what you want to talk about, though, for Tuesday–any special topics on the mind of late?

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