‘Hello again’

PHNOM PENH, it’s nice to see you.

Blogging, writing, conversing, connecting, and sharing–but slowly, small steps, this time. Meet me in the conversation spaces of  S P A C E. Looking through the photo archives since 2014, when DK first arrived in Siem Reap with no idea whatsoever that we’d be making Phnom Penh a base for the next four years. A long story. Writing, revising. Sharing, learning: but like I said, slowly, quietly, and in whispers, with very small circles. A new quiet space, a new, loose, light and less-public facing growth.

To be continued.

Phnom Penh // Photo by Dipika Kohli // DK 2018
DK’s first commissioned work in Phnom Penh was the brand identity design for NUK Cafe // DK 2014
The Book of Ennui // DK 2016
Chhunny Noem (right) and Akira Morita at the popup art show ‘Distracte’ at Mère Café, Phnom Penh // DK 2016
Book of Time // DK 2017
‘Book of Time’ popup atelier in Phnom Penh // DK 2016
Reading from Breakfast // DK 2016
Guests at the launch of Dipika Kohlil’s book, ‘Breakfast in Cambodia’ at TINI // DK 2016
’16N’ started in Phnom Penh with ‘N’: NORMALITY // Photo courtesy KGM 2014
‘Excerpts of Note’ // DK 2016-7, London and Phnom Penh
Studio on Street 63 in Phnom Penh // DK 2014