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28 September 2018


Hey P. I’m glad that we finally found a way to meet again; had thought it might be 5 years or something, as these things sometimes can be. I had so many thoughts… I did get to Artichoke, after all, as I just said, in the email there, which may or may not arrive, guess I’ll find out shortly. Took my parents. They loved it; so did I. Some unusual dishes. Was a good thing to sample new things together. Making it not-home, but something… experienced anew together. Important, given everything…

I thought I’d write into this old box, ‘Milky Way’, which I started writing but never posted anywhere because the things I wanted to talk about related to galaxies and stars seemed ‘too big’ for regular, everyday conversation. I was typing into the old iPad all the scraps of ‘notes’ that had wound up in bits and bobs around the house, my bags, the suitcases, pockets forgotten, et al. But this thing seemed important, somehow, to notate in a different way. And sharing, perhaps. So here we are! The Milky Way.

Yes, I am so glad that we had the chance to real-life meet and then to re-meet. This was nice ! I have often lucked out with chance encounters and someone in Johor Bahru (a lady who gave me a whole outfit for free after hearing my story about what I was headed to SG for) said, ‘You have really good luck.’ A Chinese way of putting it, maybe. But yeah.

I’m writing here right now while another tab is open that says ‘Passport Application’ and I am dreading going through the forms. I hate this kind of administrative stuff and often fail on the little details; I’m great at big-picture concept stuff, but not the things like moving around internationally while also keeping an eye out for how many pages are left in your pp. But it’s still valid for five years. But I still have to go through the things. Never once been to the official passport-getting place here in PP, but now I have to go. Kind of really, really wish I didn’t have to.

Cambodia. Is great; the cooler weather helps. A & K, my family, are off to Siem Reap for a full four days so that means I can finally write again and get to the scheduling of Things to Come. Mostly just making sure all my emails are in order (and docs) but I tend to use the long stretches of time-to-myself to wander, as we talked about?, in drift style of Situationism/Guy Debord. I mean, it doesn’t always work as splendidly as it had when we crossed paths; that’s a rare thing. It’s not often I write into these boxes to share about things in more depth, but I felt like it might be a nice thing to do here, with you. 🙂 Thanks for the really amazing things-to-think-about. I am excited you said ‘moor’ in the context of everyday conversation, and that you studied something different from the usual, makes me feel like we can keep talking and talking some more about It All.

I met someone at the BTS in Bangkok who is in Cornwall, I think, working at some kind of hotel cooking fish. I remember a couple of stray emails about that and something about stormy seas; reminded me of your telling of it. Must get there one day. Must sea it. Ha ha.

I’ve nothing at all planned for the rest of the year save getting to the work of organizing my 2019 travels (E. Europe, London and so on, if I can find the threads and conversations that leap out from the digital page into real life. Handfuls of very interesting people to keep in touch with in those places; showing up makes things happen, right? So yeah. Planning mode. Co-ordinating with A about where he will be, thinking about the others in the DK community… A lot, but not really, because I don’t have a phone or extraneous things like Facebook to bother with so I can focus. I do need to figure out how to get into instagram again and hi-5 all the amazing people I met in Malaysia and Singapore, though. Something to put. on the ‘to-do’ list for ‘rest of December’.

Well. I wonder if this will arrive there?

I know you said you’re not a keepy-in-touchy type, but yeah, me neither. Still, every so often I become curious bout someone, especially if they like nerdy conversation and seem to have a wide swath of things-they’re-into. Which means, I hope we can continue…

The podcast with me and my friend in London who takes pix is at our… you’ll see it, there’s only like 4 things. For now.

Safe travels, Piers ! Love to see a pic of Cornwall if you remember to send. 🙂

And the writing… I’d be curious to read the Next Post when it comes together, too. Do send link along if you like, when that happens…


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