S P A C E | ‘Wherever you go, there you are’

IN THE LAST FOUR WEEKS, I have had more conversations with more people in a more compact space of time than I have in the last decade. Qualifying, I mean conversations with people I already know… There are many reasons that one might choose to reconnect, re-establish ties, and ‘show up’ for people who were once in the same places: a village, a town, a home, a gym, a favorite local of some sort that might take the shape of a bar or a cafe. Or public space: libraries like that extraordinarily beautiful one in Rovaniemi or the other amazing spot, DOKK1, in Aarhus. Or parks: my favorite of course is Cal Anderson Park in Seattle, which gave me the outline I needed to make the start at Design Kompany LLC in 2004 in that shiny, gloomy city. (I love you, Seattle. Well, sometimes. Six years was good, right? Six years. Enough.) I haven’t had the chance to really stop and focus on rekindling because I am constantly in motion. I feel the call of the road and I go. Going is my thing. Except… now, it isn’t. I’m finally starting to understand why. And I think it’s what a lot of people, who are in one place but can’t decide if they’d like to stay or not, can probably relate to, too. Continued in S P A C E


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