‘You’re pretty serious about it, then’

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by Dipika Kohli
Creative Director, DK
Seattle, Durham NC, and Phnom Penh 2004–2019

TWENTY YEARS and counting. Moving through the world. Traveling to stories, or letting stories emerge, right where I am. In-situ, on the spot. This is the jam I am in, and it’s been a good one. Newswriting. Design. Photography.

S P A C E. Since Sept. 2017, and through, I think, Sept. 2019, DK are making the mini-mag, S P A C E. This is the story: I am writing, designing, illustrating, and photographing. Compiling the highlights into weekly mini-magazines: S P A C E. Sometimes with others I discover on these journeys, but mostly, alone. The mini-mags are digital ones, and they are in our online store. At the time of this writing, 23 issues. A few from Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Finland, and Latvia:

But besides producing all this, stuff that some people call ’embodiments,’ there is another journey. An internal one: I am also feeling. Which means, it’s only just now getting interesting…

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