S P A C E | ‘Soft eyes’

This note is for Patti Rieser.

Hey. I’m in the very city where I was when I wrote you that long ago email, April 2013, to be more specific, not so long ago, maybe, in some relative scales. But there was a note of ardent passion in it, I think… or maybe it was just the blurriness of the feeling that makes me think so… I recall only the gist of it; a gesture towards desperately looking for any kind of connexion, online or off, but not finding it easily, because it was the beginning. Of a new chapter. Scary, at first.

ADVENTURING & TREPIDATION. That was six years ago, now. I remember the describing of what it felt like to go to the place in the middle of a lake, a lake that I now know as if it’s been someone I sometimes catch up with here and there when I’m in her town. It’s not easy to do that when you are on the go a lot or move around or don’t know how to stop, not really, or are loathe to get too carried away with one idea, one moment, one spot, one ‘career’, one set of ideas about things, or one ‘box’ to live within. You get up and out and you see a bunch of things, but then, you come back. You return. Returning… is also nice. I wish you could have read the poem ‘A Place Called Home.’ I shared it with just a handful of people, and wrote it for just one. It was good to focus, in this way. To lay low and get clarity on the things that mean something. If it wasn’t for that early email, though, back in that other place, in that other time, that reply of yours that had come back with such wisdom, such clarity, such soothing and honest artfulness, then I don’t think I could be back here with this level of ‘noticing the noticing’ kind of vibe, today.

One moment can change everything… then there was the great confident things you had said when I wrote you, again, quite out of desperation and in a jiffy and with some pangs of remorse for being so out of the blue about it, from Singapore… some will know why that was significant, again, not many, but yeah. And here I am. Being grateful. To all that we have made and shared, because we ‘got’ each other. I still remember that first conversation, about Colorado and journeys and stuff that I can’t put here because it’s in confidence that you had shared, and I respect that. Still, it’s cool we could stay in touch like this, even across time, and distance.

AHEAD. Good things in play, here. Celebrating the remarkable. Seeing the new.

Soft eyes.

Here’s to the journeys…

Another chapter is opening but this time, I’m headed in without the old things. Seeing it not for what it ‘is’ but for wherever ‘the way’ will take me. New and next, I hope. An adventure. A new beginning. A fresh departure.

Let’s see.

Warmly from Hanoi–

PS I put you in the new ‘people‘ section, under ‘mentors to DK’–hope that’s cool.
PPS If you see it around in NC, check out page 64 of this month’s issue of Saathee.
PPPS To be continued…